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Who can resist the taste of a perfectly glazed Krispy Kreme doughnut? Now, you can enjoy that taste all day.

The doughnut brand has released lip balms that come in the shape of their signature doughnuts: strawberry sprinkles, glazed chocolate cake, and strawberry iced.

Unfortunately, just like the adorable Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream tub lip balms that we featured some time ago, these Krispy Kreme lip balms are not available in Singapore. They are only available at Claire’s, at USD4.99 each.

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If you find that the doughnut shaped lip balms are cute but impractical, you can also consider regular-shaped lip balms from Krispy Kreme. In a set of five, these lip balms look like your usual lip balms, but have scents that are inspired by doughnut flavours. The five flavours include: glazed strawberry, glazed chocolate cake, original glazed, chocolate iced glazed with sprinkles, and glazed cruller.

Each set retails at USD5, but we heard that it is rather difficult to find. It has previously been available at the Walmart online store, but is no longer available. PopSugar says that novelty candy stores in the USA are likely to also carry them.

If you really have to get your hands on these lip balms, consider sources such as Airfrov, where you can put up a request for travellers to the USA to bring them back to Singapore for you, at a fee. You can use DVSG10 to get SGD10 off your first purchase.