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Pimples are pesky. We already know that. And it’s always an uphill challenge to fight it, particularly when the options out there can be too expensive (visiting a dermatologist), may not work (as people build up resistance against antibiotics), or irritating to skin (effective ingredients like Tretinoin and Benzoyl Peroxide irritate the skin for some people).

Kylaz, a new skincare brand developed by the makers of IDS Aesthetics and IDS Skincare, has introduced an acne-fighting approach that may just be a solution that overcome these challenges.

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The Kylaz’ solution is a three-part approach that gently but effectively treats the root of acne within the dermis, where the source of acne inflammation is.

Besides addressing the root of the problem, the products from Kylaz also focus on protecting the skin, shrinking pores, and clearing up comedones, blackheads, and whiteheads – the causes of acne.

Kylaz debuts with only three products and while they’re packed with many innovative and effective active ingredients, we were surprised that they are very affordable.

Daily Vanity was at the regional launch of Kylaz in Bangkok. Read on to find out what the products are and our first impression of them.

1. Kylaz Spot Off Treatment

Kylaz Spot Off Treatment

This is a fast-acting SOS treatment that clears spots, calms skin, and controls oil production within a short time. It is packed with eight powerful actives, including Salicylic Acid and Centella Asiatica Extract, which are proven to keep pimples at bay. You should reach out for it the moment you feel a spot coming to prevent it from becoming an angry zit.

We like this product for how it doesn’t feel drying or irritating to skin unlike some spot treatments in the market. It also has a fast-absorbing and lightweight texture, which also makes us like it more than some other similar products out there.

Kylaz Spot Off Treatment retails at SGD18 for 10ml and is available on the JYSK e-store.

2. Kylaz Blemish Healing Emulsion

Kylaz Blemish Healing Emulsion

At the heart of this emulsion is Terpineol, a component of tea tree oil that is known for its antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral properties. This star ingredient eliminates P. Acnes, the bacteria that causes acne. This emulsion also protects skin against breakouts by reducing problems like clogged pores, blackheads, and whiteheads.

We find that this product carries a strong smell of tea tree oil, which some people may not like. However, the lightweight product gets absorbed quickly and doesn’t leave any smell lingering on your face after application, so it’s definitely bearable even if you don’t like the smell of tea tree oil.

Kylaz Blemish Healing Emulsion retails at SGD21 and is available at the JYSK e-store.

3. Kylaz Moisturizing Blemish Defence

Kylaz Moisturizing Blemish Defence

Kylaz believes that a strong skin foundation is what you need to prevent recurring acne. This reparative moisturiser helps build skin health and immunity to keep acne at bay.

Besides Niacinamide (a blend of B3 and nicotinic acid), which is an “It” ingredient that is often seen in popular products launched recently for hydration benefits, the most interesting ingredient you’ll find in this formula is colostrum. Mothers will be familiar with this goodie – it is the first milk produced by female mammals for their babies, which is fortified with nutrients that protect against infections.

The colostrum used in Kylaz Moisturizing Blemish Defence is from cows and it helps to enhance skin’s immunity and stimulates skin rejuvenation. It also helps reduce redness and scarring on skin – something that those recovering from acne certainly hope to achieve.

Most moisturisers that are designed for acne-fighting often leaves skin feeling matte and slightly dry. We like how this moisturiser from Kylaz is hydrating and soothing, while it mattifies skin at the same time.

Kylaz Moisturizing Blemish Defence retails at SGD20 for 30ml and is available at the JYSK e-store.

The three products are also available in a set at SGD50, at the JYSK e-store.