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You know Laduree makes artisanal macarons in gorgeous packagings. But did you know they also have a beauty line? If you’re expecting it to be every bit as intricately designed as their macaron packaging is, it certainly does not disappoint.

Welcome to the world of Les Merveilleuses de Laduree, the make-up branch of Laduree. The brand name was inspired by a social circle of young women in 18th century France who lived in opulent luxuries, often decorating their houses, their outfits, and their faces with elaborate designs and care.

Unfortunately, while Laduree macarons are available in Singapore, they don’t have a retailer of their beauty products here. The nearest stores to us are in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Japan. If you’re planning a trip anytime soon, here are some of the most sought-after products that you should look out for when you make your way to the store.

1. Face Color Rose Laduree

The mainstay of Les Merveilleuses is their signature blusher, and we have to admit, we’ve never seen anything this gorgeous before. The rose petals are packaged separately, so you have to transfer them petal by petal into the pot until you reach a desired level. Laduree recommends only filling the bottom one-third of the pot, but many beauty bloggers out there prefer the more aesthetically pleasing sight of a pot brimming over with rose petals.

When they’re in the pot, all you have to do is swirl your blusher brush lightly over the top of the petals to pick up colour, and then apply them lightly to your cheeks.

You could choose to use your own blush brushes to do this, or invest in some of Laduree’s own quality cheek brushes. (More on that later).

The blusher comes in three different shades:

The gradient on each petal isn’t accidental either! The lighter insides of each petal can also be picked up to be used as a highlighter, but as the area is really small, not many people seemed to have taken to this technique.

The rose blusher is sold separately from the pot.

2. Cheek Brush

With such a beautiful blusher, it only make sense to have a equally intricate brush to accompany it. With a design aligned to the same ivory and gold theme of the makeup line, this cheek brush is perfectly made to be used with the rose petal blushes. The hair on the brush has been reviewed by users online as being fluffy and soft, so you’re really getting quality for the price you pay.

3. Pressed Cheek Color N

Despite the gorgeousness of the blusher pot, it’s impractical to carry that around on the go with you for touch up. Don’t worry, Laduree also has their own version of compact blushers. The ivory and gold design makes them look almost like vintage pocket mirrors.

These beautiful pressed blushers come in not just two or three, but twenty different shades, so there’s bound to be one for everyone. Some of the shades seem a little too yellow or dark to be blushers, so our guess is that they’re meant to be used as highlighters or contouring colours. Click here to see all 20 shades!

4. Face Powder N

When we think of women from 18th century France, one of the first few images that comes to mind, besides their strong blusher game, is that of them patting delicately on their faces with fluffy powder puffs. In order to recreate that sense of luxuriant hedonism, Laduree has come up with this product that lets you do exactly just that.

The face powder uses a similar (but not identical) pot as their rose blushers. They come in a tin that is designed specifically to fit inside the pot, as well as a lace-embroidered filter and a powder puff. The powder is finely milled, with only a touch of shimmer to add in the extra glitz to your make-up finish. It doesn’t give a lot of coverage, so it would be appropriate to use this as a finishing touch rather than as a touch-up foundation.

The face powder comes in three different shades:

The face powder is sold separately from the pot.

5. Lip Gloss

If you want something opulent for your lips, Laduree also has a range of beautifully designed lip glosses. Designed to look like a slender leg strutting in heels, this lip gloss range comes in ten different shades, from bold and vivid ones to understated and wearable ones. See all ten shades here.

6. Pearl Treatment Serum

And they don’t stop at makeup products. The Laduree beauty line also carries skincare products, with everything from facial water, lotion, serum, and cream. Of them, the Pearl Treatment Serum is probably the most talked about.

This product is designed to help with refining the tone of complexion while also delivering firmness and elasticity to the skin.

Besides the beautiful jar it comes in that will make you feel like royalty, the Pearl Treatment Serum has also been recommended by reviewers for its intense hydration and superior texture.

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