We know all about “bad hair days”; you wake up one morning to find your tresses look tangled, with kinks that just refused to be tamed.

“Bad skin days” (or more formally known as “sensitised skin”) are very similar. Usually triggered by activities such as frequent travels, periods of stress, and late nights, sensitised skin is characterised by tightness, itchiness, redness, and dryness.

The scientists at Lancôme have been studying this phenomenon which, according to research, affect two out of three women around the world (yes, you’re not alone!) and have made a ground-breaking observation.

They’ve noticed that during these times of skin sensitivity, skin experiences a state of inflammatory crisis, and skin ageing accelerates.

Your regular skincare routine may not be able to help visibly reverse the signs of sensitised skin, and what you need is a skin booster that specifically targets at this problem.

Thankfully, they’ve also found a solution: Advanced Génifique Sensitive

Enter Lancôme Advanced Génifique Sensitive the newest serum by the French beauty giant.

You’ve probably already heard of Lancôme’s most iconic product, the Advanced Génifique Youth Activator, which is known to help skin achieve youthful radiance. The Advanced Génifique Sensitive is a dual concentrate that offers all the power of the iconic serum, enhanced with even more skin-boosting goodness.

Activate the Advanced Génifique Sensitive with just one click

The highly-concentrated Advanced Génifique Sensitive is freshly activated as you twist its cap with one click. A beautiful blue ampoule, which is infused with extremely pure antioxidant active ingredients, is released into a soothing probiotic fraction. This potent potion is then delivered to your skin in its purest form.

The two key antioxidant ingredients in the formula, ferulic acid and vitamin E, are able to actively prevent a wide range of oxidative stress that attacks skin.

Activation at point of usage serves two purposes: to ensure the stability of ferulic acid, a highly sought-after skincare ingredient but is also volatile, and to protect the effectiveness of its antioxidant properties.

What this also means is that you can keep the Advanced Génifique Sensitive in your stash, and literally “break seal only in times of emergency”. Then, use it when you need it, at optimal level of freshness.

87% of women who have tried the Advanced Génifique Sensitive observed instant results and noticed that their skin was relieved from discomfort during sensitive times, and reverted to its normal appearance – which they like.

Advanced Génifique Sensitive is designed to be a one-month treatment to soothe and protect skin against sensitivities, and used a few times in the year (when you experience sensitivities).

In the month that you’re using the Advanced Génifique Sensitive at night, you can pair it with the Advanced Génifique Youth Activator in the day to maintain results and achieve a youthful radiance.

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