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Lash extensions are an important and regular part of beauty routine for some women. And all of them who visit lash extension salons are only asking for one thing: beautifully long and lush eyelashes after the session.

A lash extension experience went terribly wrong for one woman in Perth. This was first reported by Emmaculate Beauty salon on their Facebook page, about what happened to a client at another salon.

Emmaculate Beauty salon’s owner, Emma Dhanjal, said that her client went to her desperately pleading for lash extensions before her birthday weekend. However, Emma was horrified by what she saw.

“PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do your research. This poor girl has been left with extremely damaged natural lashes,” she posted on her salon’s Facebook page.

In the post, she explained that the client has been left with “extremely damaged natural lashes” allegedly from the salon that she last had her lash extension done. All her natural lashes fell out when Emma touched them with tweezers.

The lash artist showed images of the client’s lashes as well as inflamed eyelids, and shared that she was unable to provide lash extension service to her despite her pleas, because the client did not have any lash left.

Emma further said that the client needed to see her doctor for her inflamed eyelids, that “her lashes may never be the same again” and that she had never seen anything as bad as this in her seven years of experience in the field.

How can you prevent this from happening?

  • Reviews are important: Make sure that you’ve read reviews from clients who have tried the service and are sharing on their own accord. Otherwise, consider only going to the ones that someone you know have tried and recommend.
  • Ask questions: Find out if your lash artist is certified and ask where he/she trained at. Make sure that your lash artist is experienced enough to perform the service.
  • Watch out for clumps: Each synthetic lash should go onto one natural lash. If one lash is attached to a few natural lashes, which is an obvious rookie mistake, it may cause clumps and lash can break and fall out. If you notice clumps, it may be a sign that your service did not go well.
  • Don’t try to remove extensions yourself: If done right, lash extension shouldn’t cause any harm to your natural lashes. Well, unless you attempt to remove the attachments by yourself. They should only be removed by a professional, who would know exactly how to do it safely. Removing them yourself may cause your natural lashes to be damaged.

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