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Our trusty pimple patches have been our partners in crime for years, absorbing gunk and calming down those angry red bumps.

But what if a tiny patch could do more than just that? What if it could zap your zits and heal them even faster with the power of light?

LED pimple patches are the latest skincare gadget lighting up social media feeds and they promise to revolutionise pimple-busting.

But before you start adding these to your cart, let’s peel back the layers and see if these patches are just hype or actually help heal your skin.

The Buzz Around LED Pimple Patches on TikTok


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You’ve probably stumbled upon beauty creators like Koocat (@koocat on TikTok) sporting these LED pimple patches, raving about their ease and effectiveness.

According to Koocat, she swears by the Light Activated Beauty Acne Light Therapy Patch whenever she deals with blemishes or skin inflammation, especially when the urge to scratch arises.

In just three minutes, this device helped to reduce her skin inflammation and redness! Almost too good to be true, isn’t it?

How Do LED Pimple Patches Work?

LED pimple patches

Credits: @koocat/TikTok

Turns out, blue and red light therapy, even when invisible to our eyes, packs a punch against acne.

Blue light zaps those pimple-causing bacteria like a miniature superhero, while red light soothes inflammation and redness, telling those angry bumps to take a chill pill. No wonder many facial treatments finish with LED light therapy.

LED pimple patches

Credits: @koocat/TikTok

Leading the charge are brands like Light Activated Beauty, offering their FDA-cleared Acne Light Therapy Patch. Think of it as 60 tiny, invisible light shows you can stick directly on your pimple.

Using these patches is simple. Peel off the film, stick it on the gadget and place it on your pimple.

LED pimple patches

Credits: @koocat/TikTok

Then, press the button, and let the LED light work their magic. No mess, no fuss, just a gentle beep when the battle’s done. Once done, peel the film off the device, toss it, and voila!

Light Activated Beauty Acne Light Therapy Patch retails for US$39.50 (~S$52.59) and is available on Light Activated Beauty. You can ship it to Singapore via a shipping courier like vPost.

Before You Click “Buy”

LED pimple patches

LED pimple patches are a cool new way to fight specific blemishes. They’re convenient, painless, and science-backed. But are they a miracle cure? Nope.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide if they’re worth the price. These patches are pricier than your usual drugstore pimple stickers. Think of them as a mini-investment in your skin, but weigh the cost against your budget.

And if you’re dealing with a major breakout, seeking professional advice from a dermatologist could be a more suitable option.

So, weigh the pros and cons, listen to your skin, and maybe give them a try. Who knows, your path to clearer skin might just have a tiny, invisible light show on the way!

Feature image credits: @koocat/TikTok