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When the LG Pra L. Derma LED Mask was launched, every beauty enthusiast was excited. The promise of LED therapy in the comforts of your own home, using one of the smartest and sleekest beauty devices around, is one that’s too impressive to ignore.
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The futuristic and elegant device isn’t just an eye candy, it’s been proven to work too.
LG is probably best known for its OLED TV and LED displays, and the Derma LED Mask is designed with LG’s LED technological expertise – which means only the best technology is applied in this device.
The LG Derma LED Mask, together with the other advanced gadgets in the line Pra. L line, has already been recognised in the 2018 Korea Brand Hall of Fame, an award presented by the Institute for Industrial Policy Studies and Brand Design Association of Korea.
Lg Pra L Devices Review
Intensive research and testing also tell us that the LED mask is top of the class. Proven to produce an optimal amount of light throughout each masking session, the LG Derma LED Mask delivers efficient and positive results, all while ensuring safety of use.
Test participants also saw an improvement in skin tone by 100% and inner skin density by 92% after using it for six weeks, twice a week. Impressive!
Since its launch earlier this year, the LG Pra. L Derma LED Mask has already become one of the most talked about beauty devices around, and celebrities like Korean actress Lee Na Young and American socialite Paris Hilton count among its many adoring fans.
With the raving reviews we’ve been seeing, the LG Derma LED Mask is no doubt the Christmas gift you should get for yourself if your 2020 new year’s resolution is to achieve more beautiful skin!

What does the LG Pra. L Derma LED Mask do?

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The LG Derma LED Mask is equipped with 160 LEDs (80 red and 80 infrared) of long- and short-wave light to penetrate the skin at different depths. Together, these lights are able to rejuvenate skin layers, in order to achieve firm and radiant skin.

With an eye-shield design made with safe silicone, it is extremely comfortable and you’re protected from the glare of the LED light. Another safety feature includes a Sensing Detector, where the mask operates only when correctly positioned on the face.

We have tried the product for ourselves and found that it was easy to use and we love how it doesn’t get messy, unlike traditional masks.

One of our favourite features has to be the transparent visor that allows us to see through it while masking, which means we’re able to multitask while enjoying the treatment. It also helps that we actually look quite chic wearing the mask, perfect for Insta-perfect selfies!

Each charge lasts up to seven days and each masking session takes only nine minutes – which is faster than other facial masks you can find out there. Most importantly, we were able to see clearer and bouncier skin after using it for four weeks!

You have worked hard in 2019 and you deserve a pat on the back. We can’t think of a better reward than a luxury beauty device that delivers better complexion effortlessly and within a short time. Send this link to someone who had promised you a big Christmas gift, or – you know what – go ahead and reward yourself with this as a generous gift!

LG Pra L. devices are available at Tangs at Tang Plaza, Robinsons RafflesCity (January 2020), Robinsons Jem, and Krisshop. The Derma LED Mask retails at SGD1,349. For more information, visit the LG Pra L. website.

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