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Lip embroidery might have once succeeded only in creating a garish, cheap-lookin’ red pout but, today, it’s working to lend a natural pinkish flush to dull lips as well as even achieving a Korean gradient lip – deeper shades on the inner parts of the lips that fade to a lighter tone for a soft, kissable style.

Plus, if you can’t leave home without sweeping a little creamy colour onto your pout, then lip embroidery will save you lots of time in the mornings, not to mention, let you skip reapplying your lipstick throughout the day.

If naturally flushed lips sound too good to be true, read on, because we share everything you need to know about this semi-permanent treatment, including how the treatment goes, aftercare tips, and the best salons to visit in Singapore!

What Is Lip Embroidery?

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Photo source: Tina Yong, Getting A Lip Blush Tattoo – Full Process & Healed Results/YouTube

This treatment uses an ultra-fine tattoo gun to deposit colour pigments onto the lips, which both enhances the lips’ colour and further defines the pout.

Similar to eyebrow embroidery, lip embroidery lets you wear the colours for about one to two years with the proper care, as the deposited shades will fade over time. Usually, organic pigments last for about one-and-a-half years, whereas inorganic pigments can stay on the skin for up to two years.

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Photo source: Monostudio

Should you desire to keep the colours looking vibrant for longer, you can go for touch-up appointments too; otherwise, you can expect the shades to age gracefully until it returns to the natural colour of your lips.

Lip embroidery, lip blush, lip microblading, and lip micropigmentation are all the same thing – semi-permanent tattoos for the lips. However, they’re different from traditional lip tattoo procedures, which offer a permanent solution to a pale or hyperpigmented pout.

Traditional lip tattoos use thicker needles and carbon-rich tattoo ink to deposit dyes deeper into the skin. Lip embroidery, on the other hand, uses super fine nanoneedles to deposit micro-pigments into the superficial dermal layer of the skin, which causes less trauma to the lips too.

Does Lip Embroidery Hurt?

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Photo source: Tina Yong/YouTube

The thought of having a needle penetrate the lips might seem way more terrifying than, say, an eyebrow embroidery procedure. However, when done properly, the process shouldn’t hurt.

The esthetician will apply a numbing cream to the lip and leave it on for about five to ten minutes before beginning the embroidery. You should feel pressure but no pain when the needle is pressed onto your skin.

What Happens During Lip Embroidery?

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Photo source: Tina Yong, Getting A Lip Blush Tattoo – Full Process & Healed Results/YouTube

A lip embroidery appointment should begin with a consultation, where the esthetician will show you the various shades available, as well as advise you on certain colours based on how well they complement your skin undertones and whether they’re visible over your natural lip tone.

During the consultation, feel free to show photos of your desired lip colour to the esthetician, whether it’s a light pastel pink or a deeper rosy red.

The esthetician will consider your colour choices when advising you on a suitable shade for your lips. You should agree to the final chosen colour before proceeding with the next steps.

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Photo source: Tina Yong/YouTube

The esthetician will apply the numbing cream to your lips and cover them with a plastic film, leaving the cream to sit for about five to ten minutes.

Then, they’ll mark out the shape of your lips using a vibrant lip liner, as well as create extra contrast between the lips and the skin by colouring the surrounding skin white. This allows the esthetician to accurately trace the shape of the lips using the embroidery needle, later in the process.

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Photo source: Tina Yong/YouTube

The esthetician typically has to perform the embroidery in about two to three layers on the lips to reach the desired shade.

Should your lips be hyperpigmented or have more dark areas, the esthetician might do the embroidery in two sessions; the first will be to even out your skin’s natural shade, and the second will be to fill your pout in with the colour of your choice.

What Can I Expect After Lip Embroidery?

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Photo source: Tina Yong/YouTube

After the embroidery session, you can expect your lips to feel swollen and tender, especially in the first one to two days.

In the days that follow, don’t be surprised to find your lips scabbing, peeling, and feeling dry too, as it’s a normal part of the recovery process.

Your lips should be fully healed at the end of two weeks, which means no more scabbing or peeling, but a rosier and fuller-looking pout.

For best results, follow your esthetician’s aftercare tips.

Typically, you should refrain from peeling the scabs or dry skin from your lips, as well as try not to pucker or stretch your lips in the first two weeks.

Don’t take spicy foods or apply lip products that could irritate your still-healing skin, and even avoid doing physical activities that’ll cause you to sweat. Be gentle to your lips during the recovery period, and you’ll be able to enjoy a rosy lip blush soon after!

Where to Go For Lip Embroidery in Singapore

Featured image credit: Monostudio

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