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A contouring palette that looks like a piece of art from the museum? We’ll take one, please!

palette packaging

Image source: RED

This contouring palette from Little Ondine – a trending C-beauty brand – has been making its rounds on RED (China’s Instagram) recently, and it was too gorgeous for us to not share it.

shiny palette

Image source: RED

What immediately caught our eyes first would definitely be the pans. Unlike your usual flat pans, these take the shape of an eye, nose, lips, and nose, which kind of reminds us of classical Greek sculptures.

The palette comes with little details too, such as the embossed smiley face – the brand’s signature logo – located in the corner of the dazzling highlight shade.

palette shades and its uses

Image Source: RED

Extremely versatile, the palette comes with four different shades and each has its own purpose:

  • Highlight (1): This shimmery shade will help add the final touch to your makeup look
  • Eyeshadow primer (2): A light cream shade acts as an eyeshadow primer
  • Face contour (3): A dark brown shade, perfect for shaping and defining areas of your face
  • Nose contour (4): A brown shade to help with nose contouring
eye makeup and nose contour

Image source: RED

Even though the main purpose of the palette is for contouring, we’ve seen other users on RED use this as an eyeshadow palette. We don’t see why that wouldn’t work out because the results are absolutely beautiful.

product on model

Image source: RED

To help you out a little, a user on RED has created a little guide on where each shade should go on your face.

This contouring palette retails for 168 yuan (~S$34.84) and you can get it from Taobao

previous palettes

Image Source: RED

Love unique palettes like this one? Well, this is actually not one of the brand’s first unique creations. They had previously released viral shimmery eyeshadow palettes before where each had its own individualistic style.

From a smiley face palette to one that mimics the look of a vintage CD, Little Ondine is definitely a brand to look out for.