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When your main consumer market is increasingly image-conscious, you’d have to launch products that bring their Instagram feeds to life — and this C-beauty company released another hit that did just that.

Joining its viral Greek sculpture contouring palette is this eyeshadow palette from Little Ondine that looks just like a vinyl record.

It houses eight stunning shades in multiple finishes for complete versatility and the opportunity to create endless makeup looks.

心动缓存盘 “Slow Heartbeat”

Source: RED (Left); RED (Right)

  • Vanilla (matte)
  • Silent movie (matte)
  • Lover’s talk (matte)
  • Whatever (matte)
  • Cocoa brownie (matte)
  • Sleepless (shimmer)
  • Soulmate (shimmer)
  • Heartbeat (shimmer)

Not only does the eyeshadow palette wow us with its compactness and visual appeal, but its opulent finishes and vivid pigmentation are truly a sight to behold.

And to complete the vinyl aesthetic, this little disc comes in a retro CD packaging that makes it look like you’re buying an album from a C-pop boyband.

Source: RED(Left); RED(Right)

If these pretty pinks don’t do it for you, you’d be happy to know that this vinyl eyeshadow palette comes in three other gorgeous variations that might be right up your alley.

逃离摩天楼 “Escape”

Source: RED

  • I am a brick (matte)
  • Shut down (matte)
  • Skyscraper (matte)
  • Deep breath (matte)
  • Pink utopia (shimmer)
  • No overtime today (shimmer)
  • Want freedom (shimmer)
  • Iced Americano (shimmer)

日不落乐园 “Midnight Sun”

Source: RED(Left); RED(Right)

  • Bubble (matte)
  • Summer tangerine (matte)
  • Underground labyrinth (matte)
  • Vodka popcorn (matte)
  • Electronic bear (matte)
  • The sun never sets (shimmer)
  • Clown storybook (shimmer)
  • One-click restart (shimmer)

霓虹电音局 “Neon Brights”

Source: RED

  • Limited time love (matte)
  • Spicy whisky (shimmer)
  • Do you want to dance (shimmer)
  • Hormones on top (shimmer)
  • Sequin flared pants (shimmer)
  • Defeated girl (shimmer)
  • Weekend dance floor (shimmer)
  • Fireworks (shimmer)

Excited to get your hands on this groovy goodness? Buy it on Taobao for only S$35.55!

Featured image from here and here.