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Sanrio’s impressive line-up of collaborations always win our hearts and this upcoming one is no different.

Photo: @wetnwildbeauty on Instagram

Most recently, Sanrio has partnered with American beauty brand Wet n Wild to launch a limited edition makeup collection featuring Little Twin Stars. This adorable collection features a huge variety of products including from dazzling eyeshadow palettes to delicious lip scrubs and we just want to collect them all.

Read on to get the deets on every product in the collection.

Little Twin Stars Cotton Candy Cloud Palette

The star of the entire collection has to be this palette that’s made up of vividly pigmented eyeshadows. Consisting of soft creamy matte eyeshadows, sparkly shimmers, smooth satin shadows, and buildable multi-dimensional glitters, this has everything you need to create multiple creative looks.

And check out its design; you’ll get an overload of cuteness by the Little Twin Star-inspired motifs embossed on each shadow.

Cuteness aside, this is no mere eye candy. These shadows are so pigmented that just one dusting – something that Wet n Wild products are known for.

Little Twin Stars Cotton Candy Cloud Palette retails for US$14.99 (~S$20.23) here.

Oh My Star Complexion Trio

If you’re not someone who wears eyeshadow, then this face palette will be the item of your choice.

The Wet n Wild x Little Twin Stars Complexion Trio comprises a blush, a highlighter, and a glitter topper.  It is available in two variations: Sparkling Star, which is inspired by Kiki and features hues of pink, blue, and purple, while Shining Star is a nod to Kiki, and features a medley of pinks.

Of the three face powders, the glitter topper is certainly the one that’s going to blow you away. Look out for glitter flakes in crescent and star shapes that can help you create a dramatic glow nobody can take their eyes off.

The Oh My Star Complexion Trio in Sparkling Star and Shining Star retail respectively for US$8.99 (~S$12.13) here.

Starry Eyes 4 Piece Eyeliner Set

You may mistake these as a packet of coloured pens you used to own when you were in school – but these are actually eyeliner pencils.

This set of creamy gel pastel coloured eyeliner pencils come in both matte and glittery finishes, perfect for you to create a variety of statement-making looks.

Starry Eyes 4 Piece Eyeliner Set retails for US$9.99 (~S$13.48) here.

Star Light Lip Gloss

Available in two shades – My Lucky Star (a sweet baby pink that matches Lala’s hair) and Starstruck (which has peach undertones), these have a mirrored so your lips receive a high impact glow.

Photo: Starstruck from Wet n Wild

Kiss dry lips goodbye too, as these are formulated with a blend of Aloe Vera extract and antioxidant-rich Vitamin E to keep your lips feeling hydrated all day.

Wet n Wild x Little Twin Stars Star Light Lip Glosses retail for US$5.99 (S$8.08) each, available here.

Star Dust Lip Mousse

Lost In A Cloud

If you’re not into glosses, consider the Star Dust Lip Mousse. This is available in two shades, Lost in A Cloud and On Candy Cloud Nine.

On Candy Cloud Nine

These lip mousses are rich in pigment while still feeling light against your lips. They are also infused with Avocado Oil, Argan Oil, and Vitamin E to keep your lips hydrated and moisturised.

Star Dust Lip Mousses retail for US$5.99 (~S$8.08) each, available here.

Kiki Sweet Dreams Lip Scrub

Lip scrub in a pot can be a little troublesome to apply, but one that’s shaped like a balm? It’s a yes from us.

This one from the  Wet n Wild x Little Twin Star collection can be applied just like a lip balm to buff away dead skin. Infused with a hydrating blend of Safflower Oil and Vitamin E, this will leave your lips feeling soft and refreshed.

Kiki Sweet Dreams Lip Scrub retails for US$4.99 (~S$6.73) here.

Lala Sweet Dreams Lip Mask

Just like the lip scrub, the lip mask from the collection comes as a balm for ease of usage. The Lala Sweet Dreams Lip Mask is infused with Almond, Sunflower Oil, and Vitamin E, and coats your lips with a protective film so that moisture can be locked in for hours.

Lala Sweet Dreams Lip Mask retails for US$4.99 (~S$6.73) here.

Twinkle Star Glow Face Mist

This is a three-in-one face mist that acts as a finishing spray, primer, and hydrating mist. It is made with light-reflecting properties to help improve your skin’s radiance. Its antioxidant-rich formula, which consists of cold-pressed coconut water, papaya, and dragonfruit extract, helps hydrate and brighten skin, while reducing skin redness.

The Twinkle Star Glow Face Mist retails for US$8.99 (S$12.13) here.

Little Twin Stars Full Collection Set

Can’t make up your mind on what to get? Indulge yourself with the full Wet n Wild x Little Twin Stars collection set. This magical set includes everything we’ve mentioned earlier, as well as other accessories such as makeup brushes, sponges, and a sponge holder.

The Little Twin Stars Full Collection Set retails for US$74.99 (~S$101.17) here.