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L’Oréal always gives us solid, dependable beauty products, but we had no idea they would knock it out of the park with their new limited-edition tiger-shaped lipstick.

We’re in love with how detailed the engraved lipstick bullet looks.

L'Oreal Tiger Lipstick colour

Just thinking of using this and wearing away the tiger makes our heart hurt a little, yet the colour is too gorgeous not to swatch!

The shade is a deep retro red that is extremely apt for the Lunar New Year. With blue undertones, this shade should look good on most skin tones.

This lipstick dries down to a matte finish and feels silky to the touch. Plus, you can easily build up this shade for a richer, fuller colour.

L'Oreal Tiger Lipstick exterior

Even the packaging looks fierce with its matte red and gold-flecked casing. The lipstick looks so exquisite and high-end – we really can’t stress how much we’re impressed by it.

We don’t know exactly when or where it will arrive on our shores, but if you can’t wait to get your hands on it, a little bird told us it’s currently available on Taobao for ¥169 (approximately S$36.23).

Featured image credit: RED

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