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While ushering in the Lunar New Year may be a little different this year with the festivities and crowds toned down, without a doubt, we’ll still be hearing the satisfying shuffles of the mahjong tiles and boisterous shots.

Be it from the living room just a door away, or from a unit on the next block, this traditional Chinese game has withstood the test of time and is now a Lunar New Year staple activity.

We’ve seen mahjong tile shoulder bags, earrings, and even plushies, but there’s a new kid on the block – mahjong tile foundation sponges!

Mahjong tile foundation sponges

Mahjong Tile Sponge

These this foundation sponges look like they belong on the playing board instead of your vanity. You probably won’t be surprised that these cuties are going viral on social media platforms in Taiwan. And now that we’ve laid our eyes on them, we are obsessing over them.

Thankfully, we’ve managed to find retailers that stock them and ship to Singapore. They are retailing for S$6.01 for an individual piece and S$11.32 for a set of four on Shopee.

It works just like any other foundation sponge — simply wet the sponge, dip it into your foundation (or squeeze the foundation on), and gently press and roll the sponge onto your face, followed by bouncing and dabbing it on your skin for a flawless finish.

Mahjong Tile 2

These festive foundation sponges are available in four different designs, namely four of the most iconic and recognisable tiles:

  • 南風: “south wind”
  • 紅中: “red dragon” (“red centre”)
  • 發財: “green dragon” (“make a fortune”)
  • 白板: “white dragon” (“white board/slate”)

Getting ready for the house visits and OOTD pics has never been more fun with these sponges, and you can get yours now at S$6.01 for an individual piece or S$11.32 for a set of four on Shopee.