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From the Power of Makeup beauty trend on Youtube to Asian Baby Girl (ABG) transformation videos on TikTok, it is no surprise to us that makeup can do wonders.

As much as we all appreciate our natural features that we are all born with, if makeup can help to enhance these features – why not? Makeup can give us a boost of self-confidence and we’re all for that. 

As a reminder and tribute to our love for makeup, here are 20 before-and-after images of some of the most stunning make-up transformations.

Indian WomanPhoto Source: Brightside

How good foundation application changes our appearance

Foundation is probably one of the most important steps and can help you achieve that flawless looking skin before piling on more products. This helps to balance out your skin tone and complexion as well as cover up any blemishes that you may have.

Tip: Having SPF in your foundation formula would be very beneficial to protect your skin from the damaging sun and the blue light you get exposed to from staring at electrical devices everyday. 

2 NewPhoto Source: Trangdo

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Untitled 2.52.33 PmPhoto Source: Reddit

Untitled 2.54.12 PmPhoto Source: Refinery29

Untitled 2.57.33 PmPhoto Source: Makeupview

How eye makeup changes our appearance

Among all these amazing transformations, we can see that one common facial feature that every transformation has focused on are the eyes.

Good eye makeup helps accentuate the shape of our eyes and draw more attention to them. Check out the following before-and-after makeup transformations that show that applying eye makeup the right way can add a twinkle to anyone’s eyes. 

Untitled CopyPhoto Source: Instagram

Untitled 2.59.12 PmPhoto Source: Pinterest

Untitled 9Photo Source: Refinery29

How getting our brows right changes our appearance

Many women wouldn’t mind leaving their house with little to no makeup – as long as their eyebrows are on point.

This may have a lot of wisdom in it; after all, your eyebrows are the main facial feature that helps frame your face shape and highlight your other best features. As seen in these transformations, eyebrows played a big part in framing face shapes and highlighting other facial features. 

Untitled 3.04.06 PmPhoto Source: Glaminati

Untitled 3.06.21 PmPhoto Source: Boredpanda

Untitled 3.07.59 PmPhoto Source: Glaminati

How lip makeup changes our appearance

You may think the right lip colour can’t make a drastic change to your appearance (compared to good eye makeup), but this is certainly a misconception.

Choosing the right lip colour that complements your complexion and the rest of your makeup is the finishing touch that can make or break your look. Lip colour helps bring out the mood you’d like to present and can help accentuate the glow in your complexion.

1 3.15.35 PmPhoto Source: Boredpanda

2 3.15.35 Pm

Photo Source: Boredpanda

6 3.46.47 PmPhoto Source: Boredpanda

How contouring changes our appearance

Similar to eyebrows, contouring helps define your face shape, with the help of shadows. It helps to highlight your eyes, making it appear more 3-dimensional as well as sharpen main areas like the jawline and nose.

Tip: Remember to get a contour that is at least a shade or two darker than your skin tone in order for it to work and look natural! 

5 3.46.47 PmPhoto Source: Intuition Salon and Spa

3 3.15.35 PmPhoto Source: Brightside

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Untitled 9Photo Source: Trangdo