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Known for its luxury leather goods, German fashion house, MCM, has finally taken its first step into the beauty world with its first-ever fragrance.

Inspired by the brand’s rich travel heritage, this fragrance was launched in conjunction with its global communications campaign, Travel Beyond, where it sold out in just two weeks!

mcm perfume

Image Source: RED

We’re not sure about you, but we definitely mistook this chic perfume as a miniature backpack keychain, until we took a much closer look at it.

Modelled after MCM’s iconic Stark backpack, this portable fragrance is wrapped in leather, monogrammed with the brand’s logo, finished off with a miniature top handle. It’s also adorned with a flat front pocket and studs – a must-have feature on any staple MCM piece.

mcm backpack perfume

Image Source: MCM

Similar to the campaign’s vision of travel, this perfume aims to whisk you away on a journey with each spray. It opens with hand-picked jasmine, white peony, and fruity notes such as raspberry and apricot, before being grounded by earthy sandalwood. It’s a floral and woody scent that is a perfect harmony of both sweet and subtle.

The all-new MCM Eau De Pardum is priced between S$38 to S$135 and is available in three different sizes: 10ml, 30ml, and 75ml. 

This highly sought-after fragrance can be found in all MCM stores in Singapore and online. The product is currently out of stock islandwide, so you might want to join their mailing list to get first-hand information on it once it’s available again.