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Think Madonna and you’ll definitely associate her persona with drama and opulence. Sure enough, when we first laid our eyes on the products from MDNA SKIN, Madonna’s skincare brand, we know that this can only be the brainchild of the Queen of Pop.

Mdna Skin Madonna

The brand was first established in 2014 (we talked about it when she first posted a teaser), and is a collaboration between Madonna and MTG, a Japanese beauty company that’s probably most famous for the ReFa brand, which produces a line of beauty devices. In the last four years, MDNA SKIN has its presence in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and more recently, the USA. And now, the brand has finally made its way to Singapore, and will have its first counter opened at Level 1 of Takashimaya S.C. in mid-May.

Madonna is said to be actively involved in every step of the product development process, including making sure her choice ingredients are included in the formula, and choosing the packaging. In fact, we heard that she is such a perfectionist that she is even particular about the scent that each product carries.

Mdna Skin The Rose Mist

The Rose Mist

The Rose Mist, in particular, has a soothing scent that Madonna loves. It took 50 samples before Madonna approved of the final product – made with a blend of wild rose and Damascus rose essential oils. According to Madonna’s aesthetician and MDNA SKIN ambassador Edyta Jarosz, this product is also always sitting on Madonna’s vanity table, and she’ll spritz it onto you if you walk past it – she loves it so much.

Mdna Skin The Rejunvenator Set

The Rejunvenator Set

However, the star of the show in the MDNA SKIN line is definitely the Rejuvenator Set, which features the Chrome Clay Mask, probably the only clay mask in the world that will never dry up, and the Skin Rejuvenator device. Like all products in MDNA SKIN, the Chrome Clay Mask is infused with the M.T.PARCA Thermal Water from Montecatini, a small town in Italy, renowned for wellness and spa.

After leaving the mask on for about seven minutes, use the Skin Rejuvenator’s magnetised end to remove the mask. This portion of the device is powered by a neodymium magnet, which can help remove the clay along with any impurities it collects, providing a deep cleansing effect without tugging on the skin. The Skin Rejuvenator device also offers infusion technology that automatically detects skin’s moisture levels to help residual moisturising serum from the mask to penetrate deeply into skin.

Mdna Skin The Onyx Black

The Onyx Black

Another key product to look out for is The Onyx Black. This is a contoured black-body carbon roller that emits Far Infrared Rays from the carbon to give your skin an instant lifting effect.

Mdna Skin Product Kv

Here’s the full price list of the products that you can find at the new MDNA SKIN counter when it opens in mid-May.

  • The Serum: SGD370 for 50ml and SGD230 for 30ml
  • Chrome Clay Mask: SGD330 for 100ml and SGD190 for 50ml
  • The Magnetic Flow: SGD260
  • The Rejuvenator Set: SGD940
  • The Eye Mask: SGD160 for 12 packs and SGD80 for 4 packs.
  • The Eye Serum: SGD280 for 15ml
  • The Face Wash: SGD70 for 120ml
  • The Finishing Cream: SGD400 for 30ml
  • The Onyx Black: SGD490
  • The Reinvention Cream: SGD120 for 50ml
  • The Rose Mist: SGD185 for 150ml