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Sure, pimples may come and go. But acne scars? These may last a long time.

Acne scars are probably the reason why acne – whether at teenhood or adulthood – is such a nightmare; even when it is healed, these scars may still be visible. And they’re extremely pesky because they’re obvious on the skin, hard to conceal, and just seems impossible to get rid of totally.

This is probably why “acne scar removal” is such a popular search term and finding a solution to eliminate acne scars is an evergreen topic that’s always hotly discussed in the beauty community.

Getting rid of acne scars with vitamin C products

Asian Woman Squeezing Spot On Forehead

While some people turn to aesthetic treatments such as laser therapies to eliminate the appearance of acne scars, many prefer topical products because they aren’t painful, are safer, and are less pricey.

Vitamin C essences are among the most popular products that have been hailed as one of the best solutions for getting rid of acne scars. And if you’ve trying to find a vitamin C essence that gives you great value for money, here’s one we’d like to recommend: Melano CC Intensive Anti-Spot Essence.

Melano Cc Vitamin C Essence 2

This product has won many international awards, including Cosme Japan and Amazon Japan, and is very well-loved in the beauty community, including in Thailand and Vietnam. This award-winning product has often been mentioned by bloggers and in forums as a holy grail for fading and preventing blemishes such as acne scars, sun spots, and marks.

Why is Melano CC Essence so well-loved?

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Melano CC Intensive Anti-Spot Essence has a unique formula that ensures great efficacy. Here are some of the reasons why they have a competitive edge:

  • Its company – Rohto Pharmaceutical Japan – has delved into serious R&D and succeeded in containing and stabilising pure vitamin C, which is known to be powerful but very unstable. This unique technology allows the active brightening ingredients in the Intensive Anti-Spot Essence to penetrate more deeply and perform better than many other vitamin C essences. This means that the product is able to suppress the formation of melanin more effectively.
  • Melano CC has also created a unique packaging for the product to enhance its efficacy further. Its airtight nozzle technology prevents oxidation from happening and helps keep the essence fresh, clear, and effective for a longer time.

Melano Cc Vitamin C Essence Nozzle 1

  • Users have reported that this vitamin C essence has helped to fade and prevent the appearance of acne scars, sun spots, and other marks.
  • For a product that taps into advanced technologies to deliver efficacy, you’d be surprised that it is really affordable. The essence retails at just SGD16.90 and its accessible pricing is certainly another huge reason why it’s so popular among beauty enthusiasts!

Achieve brighter complexion with Melano CC

To achieve even better results, consider using the Intensive Anti-Spot Essence with other Melano CC products that are all formulated to help with anti-blemishes and skin brightening. The brand’s comprehensive line of products also includes:

Melano Cc Vitamin C Essence 1

  • Melano CC Vitamin Face Wash: This cleanser clears pores and removes dead skin cells to help your skin look clearer. Its unique nozzle dispenses high-density foam for a better cleansing experience.
  • Melano CC Brightening Lotion: This preps the skin and supports the essence in helping with acne scar and pigmentation management. You’ll love its moisturising formula and refreshing sensation after application.
  • Melano CC Brightening Mist: This is a great perk-me-up that you can spray onto your skin anytime, anywhere to hydrate and refresh it instantly.
  • Melano CC Intensive Repair Mask: Here’s the skincare booster that you need. Use it regularly to indulge your skin in brightening goodness or as an intensive repair after sun exposure.

Melano CC products are available at any Watsons, Guardian, and Don Don Donki store.