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The quest for flawless, radiant skin has captivated beauty enthusiasts for ages. Korean beauty trends, with their innovative routines and picture-perfect results, have been at the forefront of this pursuit.

K-beauty’s glass skin, with its poreless, translucent radiance, has been a major player. But get ready to meet its successor — mirror skin!

This next-level approach takes the coveted glow even further, leaving your complexion so luminous it practically reflects light.

After all, who wouldn’t covet a breathtaking, healthy glow? Fair warning, after reading this, you might start reevaluating your skincare products and regimen or tossing out items that can’t give you mirror skin.

Psst…keep reading to find out how you can fast-track your journey to mirror skin in just seven days with a revolutionary and newly reformulated essence!

Glass Skin vs Mirror Skin: The Battle for the Ultimate Glow

mirror skin, lancome clarifique double treatment essence

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ICYMI, glass skin is old news. What you should be aiming for is the enviable mirror skin!

Although both glass skin and mirror skin are desirable K-beauty trends, there are subtle differences that elevate mirror skin to the next level.

Glass skin: Imagine a pane of flawless glass — that’s the essence of glass skin. It’s all about achieving a poreless, even-toned, and translucent complexion with a healthy, lit-from-within glow. This requires intense hydration and a meticulous skincare routine to remove blemishes and refine texture.

Mirror skin: Think of a crystal-clear mirror reflecting light. Mirror skin takes the core principles of glass skin — a flawless, dewy base — and adds an extra layer of luminosity. It’s about achieving a complexion so incredibly reflective, it practically acts as a mirror.

Why Mirror Skin Wins

mirror skin, lancome clarifique double treatment essence

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Mirror skin goes beyond a subtle sheen. It aims for a truly reflective, almost glass-like surface, offering a more dramatic and captivating glow.

It also features a multi-dimensional radiance (forget “glow from within”) that reflects light from all angles, creating a visage that appears even more flawless!

Unlike glass skin, which can be challenging for oily skin types, mirror skin is more versatile and suitable for all skin types since it embraces a healthy amount of natural dewiness.

Remember, healthy skin is the foundation. Both trends prioritise a consistent skincare routine focused on hydration and even tone.

But if you’re looking for the most show-stopping, ultra-reflective glow, then mirror skin might be your new K-beauty obsession!

How to Get Mirror Skin With the Lancôme Clarifique Double Treatment Essence

Mirror skin might sound like a mythical feat, but with dedication and the right tools, it’s absolutely achievable.

Beauty influencers and experts will say that there is a list of steps to achieve skin clarity: double cleanse, exfoliate regularly, use hydrating toners, apply lightweight essences and moisturisers, incorporate targeted serums with brightening ingredients, protect your skin with SPF, and stick to a healthy diet with ample (beauty) sleep.

Sounds a little extensive, time-consuming, and high-commitment? Here’s where the Lancôme Clarifique Double Treatment Essence comes in.

lancome clarifique double treatment essence

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This all-in-one essence works to polish away dead cells, clean and tighten pores, control oil production, enhance skin hydration, and renew skin surface by increasing epidermal cell turnover.

It ticks all the boxes for acquiring mirror-like skin clarity and lightens the routine commitment by cutting down the steps involved!

Claim your Lancôme Double Treatment Trial Kit and witness visible skin clarity in 7 days!


Your 7-Day Mirror Skin Accelerator

lancome clarifique double treatment essence mirror skin tips

Here, enzymes are your new besties for flawless, radiant skin. Lancôme is revolutionising skin clarity with the launch of the reformulated Clarifique Double Treatment Essence.

This innovative, groundbreaking formula goes beyond a simple essence, offering a double-action treatment inspired by dermatological peels.


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Key breakthroughs:

  • Enhanced enzyme action: Infused with 50% more beech bud extract, the essence unlocks the skin’s natural enzymatic processes for optimal brightening and exfoliation (four million cells exfoliated faster daily!).
  • Next-level hydration: A groundbreaking discovery by Lancôme reveals the role of the prolyl endopeptidase (PREP) enzyme in boosting skin hydration. This counteracts the drying effects of exfoliation.
  • Complete clarity spectrum: A powerful blend of four pro-peeling acids targets all levels of the epidermis, refining pores, controlling oiliness, polishing the skin, and promoting cell renewal.

The ingredients might seem too intense or powerful, but Lancôme had our skin’s health in mind when crafting the watery phase essence, prioritising comfort.

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This bi-phase essence features 96% natural origin ingredients to ensure a gentle touch while the soothing lipid phase balances the formula to prevent irritation.

You’ll be pleased to learn that based on self-assessments of 53 men and women consumers, 90% reported soothed skin immediately after application!

Real Results of the New Lancôme Clarifique Essence: What Users Are Saying


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The Clarifique Double Treatment Essence has undergone rigorous testing to ensure its effectiveness and safety for a wide range of users.

Over 800 participants across various skin types, including sensitive and acne-prone, were involved in two independent clinical studies.

Additionally, the formula caters to diverse ethnicities, with testing encompassing Asian and melanin-rich skin tones. This ensures the essence delivers noticeable results for a broad audience.

lancome clarifique double treatment essence

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The results:

  • 80% of women saw visible skin clarity in seven days (self-assessment on 65 women over 42 days)
  • -9% pores visibility, -17% red or brown marks, and -19% dullness for 65 Asian women in a clinical grading after six weeks
  • +26% immediate hydration and eight times longer hydration than the Clarifique Dual Essence, based on a corneometer test on 28 women aged between 28 to 65 years old
  • Among 52 Chinese men and women, 90% saw less visible dark spots in four weeks
  • After four weeks, of the 106 Chinese men and women, 96% said their skin was less oily and more even, 99% noticed a more even skin tone, and 100% boasted refined skin texture
  • 93% had more translucent skin, 95% had visibly reduced appearance of pores, and 96% had less noticeable blackheads (self-assessment on 106 Chinese men and women after four weeks)

Where to Get the Lancôme Clarifique Double Treatment Essence

lancome clarifique double treatment essence mirror skin tips

If you’re as thrilled as us to embark on a skin clarity journey, here’s where you need to start — with Lancôme for that ultra-reflective and show-stopping mirror skin in just seven days.

With a formula that’s made for clearer, more translucent skin, the reimagined Lancôme Clarifique Double Treatment Essence is the perfect addition to your skincare arsenal (seriously, you’re not going to regret investing in it)!


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Claim your Lancôme Double Treatment Trial Kit and witness visible skin clarity in 7 days!


Lancôme Clarifique Double Treatment Essence retails for S$170 (150ml) and S$230 (150ml) at Lancôme’s official website, Sephora, Lazada, and at all Lancôme counters.

There are also exclusive gift-with-purchases available on the Lancôme website:

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