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From a novelty item that we only used occasionally, face masks have taken the skincare world by storm and are now an essential part of every girl’s routine. If you are as crazy about face masks as we are, you probably have not one but multiple types of masks that you rotate depending on the mood.

It’s no surprise, then, that there is a dizzying variety of masks on the market from every skincare brand, each one commercially produced in large quantities to meet the high demand from us face mask junkies.

That’s why we were shocked to learn that local brand Mitsuko is going against the grain and only produces 500 jars of their signature Leatherwood Honey Clay Face masks in each batch. What makes each jar of Mitsuko’s masks so precious that they are produced in such a small quantity? Read on to find out!

Years of research went into developing Mitsuko’s Leatherwood Honey Clay masks


Mitsuko Honey

Mitsuko’s signature Leatherwood Honey Face masks were born after years of research by the founders working with a team of professional chemists.

What started out with the founder’s interest in raw honey as a skincare ingredient quickly led to them conducting extensive research and tests to develop an effective formula for the masks. That is why their product benefits are not just buzzwords but are actually backed by science.

Leatherwood honey is one of the rarest honeys in the world

Mitsuko Honey

What makes Mitsuko’s face masks so precious is its key ingredient: raw Leatherwood Honey, one of the finest and rarest honeys that is endemic to Tasmania, where the trees take 70 to 80 years to flower. With a distinctive floral scent, the honey is high in antimicrobial properties and rich in antioxidants, giving it incredible healing and health benefits.

The honey that is used in Mitsuko’s face masks is harvested from the hives in the rainforest and is 100% unprocessed, which ensures its purity and maximum skincare benefits that you will get from the masks. Only licensed personnel are allowed to enter the area where these hives are, which makes access to this rare skincare ingredient even more exclusive.

And Mitsuko is generous with including the precious Leatherwood Honey in its mask formula; it actually takes up 40% of the mask content!

Apart from raw leatherwood honey, Mitsuko’s face masks contain French mineral clay and other potent active ingredients specifically tailored for every skin need.

After curating these ingredients, the masks are then produced locally in a lab by professionals. Each jar is crafted with love and care, to give your skin the full benefits and ultimate pampering experience it deserves!

What does Mitsuko’s range of face masks include?

Mitsuko offers three different face masks as part of their Leatherwood Honey range: Deep Moisturising Face Mask, Radiant Brightening Face Mask, and Gentle Clarifying Face Mask.

1. Deep Moisturising Face Mask

Mitsuko Deep Moisturising Mask1

Apart from the 40% raw Leatherwood honey that helps seal in moisture, the Deep Moisturising Face Mask contains avocado oil, watermelon extract and apple extract, which work together to keep the skin supple and well-hydrated.

The avocado oil encourages collagen metabolism, while the watermelon and apple extracts are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, to help promote cell regeneration. This mask is perfect for those with dehydrated or dry skin looking for that extra moisture in their skincare products.

2. Radiant Brightening Face Mask

Mitsuko Radiant Brightening Mask

The Radiant Brightening Face Mask has a blend of 40% raw leatherwood honey, French pink clay, mulberry, liquorice root, and red algae extract.

This unique combination of ingredients is packed with antioxidants, vitamins A, D, E, and B12, as well as high concentrations of iron oxide and kaolin, making this an ideal mask for those looking to add that healthy and radiant glow to their skin.

3. Gentle Clarifying Face Mask

Mitsuko Gentle Clarifying Mask

For clear and blemish-free skin, opt for the Gentle Clarifying Face Mask, which contains Bulgarian lavender, orange peel oil, and aloe vera.

The anti-bacterial properties of the raw Leatherwood honey help protect the skin against breakouts by preventing bacteria buildups. The mask also effectively heals acne scars and skin irritation with the anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties in the Bulgarian lavender and orange peel oil.

How to use Mitsuko’s Leatherwood Honey Clay Masks

Mitsuko Face

It is recommended to use the masks once every two to three days, depending on your skin condition. It can even be used daily without harming your skin as it is made of 100% natural ingredients.

Where to buy Mitsuko’s Leatherwood Honey Clay Masks

Mitsuko’s Honey Clay Masks retail for SGD59.90 per jar (with lower rates for product bundles). You can purchase the masks on Mitsuko’s website.


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