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Split-ends, breakage, dry and brittle hair strands – these are all signs of severely damaged hair that those who change up their hair styles and colours frequently know all too well.

And when it comes to remedies, most of us turn to expensive salon treatments to help salvage our natural tresses because we think drugstore products just aren’t good enough.

While that’s the case for many products despite their claims, we’ve recently got news of an exciting new premium haircare range that is just as good at repairing damaged hair as professional salon treatments. Yay to saving money on regular salon visits!

The products in this new range are formulated with three breakthrough ingredients that can visibly repair split-ends after just one use.

Excited to know more? Read on to find out what these products are and what makes them a cut above other haircare products on the market!

What is this breakthrough damage repair haircare range?

Moist Diane Perfect Beauty Miracle You

Fans of Japanese beauty are no stranger to Moist Diane’s well-loved lines of 100% silicone-free, hair-nourishing shampoos.

The Japanese brand has recently stepped up their game and released a premium line of hair products that can visibly repair 90% of your split-ends after just one wash: the Miracle You Damage Repair Series.

An extension of Moist Diane’s best selling Perfect Beauty series which uses proprietary Organic Argan Oil and Customized Beauty Keratin, the Miracle You series includes a shampoo, hair mask, hair treatment and hair serum.

What makes the Moist Diane Miracle You Series so much better than other drugstore products?

How is the Miracle You Series different from other damage-repair products from, you ask?

Well, the main difference between drugstore products and more expensive professional salon-grade products lies in the formulation and ingredients. Compared to salon-grade products, drugstore ones tend to have a lower concentration of beneficial vitamins and hair-repairing actives to nourish and restore damaged hair. That means while they may do a fine job at washing your hair, that’s about all they can do. They can also be harsher on your scalp and hair as they tend to be filled with harsh ingredients such as sulfates or parabens.

This is how the Miracle You Series sets itself apart from other drugstore products. All four products in the range are formulated with breakthrough ingredients – Organic Ghee Oil, Polycare® and Borealine®, which can give your hair and scalp miraculous benefits that regular drugstore products can’t achieve.

Miracle Superfood to nourish the hair

Moist Diane Perfect Beauty Miracle You Ghee

You have probably heard of Ghee in relation to cooking, but did you know it has also been widely used in the Western world as a hair remedy? Many people, including Hollywood supermodels, are using ghee as a home remedy for their hair for its many benefits from moisturising, strengthening the hair to boosting hair growth.

It is rich in vitamins E, A and antioxidants to nourish each hair strand from within and protect them against external damages.

Besides being certified organic, the Ghee used in the Miracle You Series is also cosmetic-grade, which means you can reap all of its benefits without the greasiness from natural ghee.

It is produced through a collaboration between Moist Diane and GHEE EASY – a well-known producer of pure, organic Ghee from the Netherlands – to create the highest quality Cosmetic Grade Organic Ghee, the first of its kind in Japan!

You can trust this premium ingredient to provide intense nourishment and moisture to give you soft, silky smooth hair without any frizz!

Miracle Cuticle Coat to repair split ends

Moist Diane Perfect Beauty Miracle You Poly Care Before After

Every day your hair is exposed to damaging factors such as frequent heat styling, chemical processes such as colouring and external aggressors. These factors wear away the protective cuticles of the hair, leaving them vulnerable to breakage, which eventually results in split-ends, which make our hair look frizzy, untamed and tangle easily.

While you can’t fully reverse the damage of split-ends, with the only known solution being snipping them off, the R&D team at Moist Diane has sourced for a hair repair active called Polycare®, a plant-based ingredient naturally derived from Guar gum, which seals and binds the jagged edges of split ends together.

Using the Miracle You Damage Repair series can repair 90% of your split-ends after just one use – a miracle, indeed!

Not only does this help smooth out your hair, it also protects the inner core of the hair strands that was previously exposed, so your hair will become stronger and more resilient to damage with continued usage. And since the split-ends have been bound together, your hair will also feel silky soft after use!

Miracle Colour Protect to prevent colour fading

We may be diligent about applying sunscreen on our face, but often forget that our hair is exposed to the sun just as much! Prolonged exposure to UV rays can leave our hair more prone to moisture loss and colour fading in dyed hair.

Here’s the good news! The Miracle You Series contains Borealine® – an antioxidant extract from Canada Boreal Forests known to withstand frigid temperatures. It will coat your hair in a protective shield which protects the hair from sun damage for up to eight hours, and prevent the rapid fading of hair colour caused by sun exposure and frequent hair washing.

Borealine®can also help to seal in the vibrancy of hair colour and retain it for more washes compared to regular shampoos.

How do you use the Diane Perfect Beauty Miracle You Series?

Step 1: Miracle You Damage Repair Shampoo

Moist Diane Perfect Beauty Miracle You Ghee Oil

Formulated with no sulfates, parabens or silicone, the Miracle You Damage Repair Shampoo gently yet deeply cleanses your scalp and hair without drying out or causing irritation to your scalp.

As with all Moist Diane products, this shampoo lathers up well and has a nice scent for a relaxing and enjoyable hair washing experience!

Step 2: Miracle You Damage Repair Hair Mask

Moist Diane Perfect Beauty Miracle You Hair Mask

A hair mask is particularly important in a hair care routine, especially for those with severely damaged hair as it can provide the kind of intense nourishment that regular conditioner cannot deliver.

The Miracle You Damage Repair Hair Mask intensely moisturises and provides your hair with much-needed nutrients to strengthen and repair its damage.

It can be used in addition to your conditioner, or as a conditioner by itself for severely damaged hair.

Step 3: Miracle You Damage Repair Treatment

Miracle You Damage Repair Treatment

Even though it’s called a treatment, the Miracle You Damage Repair Treatment is a conditioner that, interestingly, is supposed to be used after the hair mask.

This is because in this routine, the shampoo raises your hair’s cuticles while the hair mask replenishes the nutrients and moisture level. The treatment then helps to seal in the cuticles to retain moisture, keeping your hair soft and frizz-free.

Step 4: Miracle You Damage Repair Hair Serum

Moist Diane Perfect Beauty Miracle You Serum

The final and most important step in the routine, the Miracle You Damage Repair Hair Serum is actually the very first serum in Moist Diane Perfect Beauty Series!

This highly concentrated serum packs a punch with Miracle You’s Triple Repair Formulation, and will penetrate deep into your hair strands to nourish them from within.

It protects your hair from UV exposure for up to eight hours, making it a must-have for those with coloured hair or those who spend a lot of time outdoors. The serum also acts as a heat protectant against the heat from your styling tools. Talk about a multitasking product!

What results can you look forward to?

Moist Diane Miracle You Before After

With consistent use of the entire Miracle You Series, you can look forward to completely transformed hair that feels and looks as if it just went through a professional salon treatment. Your hair will be much softer, smoother and less prone to breakage and splitting. It is, as the series’ name suggests, nothing short of a miracle!

Where can you buy the Miracle You products?

Want to give the Miracle You Series a try? All the products can be purchased at Watsons, Fairprice, Don Don Donki, Tokyu Hands, Welcia-BHG as well as the Moist Diane official store on Lazada and Shopee.

Products from the Miracle You Series retail at the following prices:

  • Miracle You Damage Repair Shampoo: SGD18.90, 450ml
  • Miracle You Damage Repair Treatment: SGD18.90, 450ml
  • Miracle You Damage Repair Hair Mask: SGD19.90, 150g
  • Miracle You Damage Repair Hair Serum: SGD20.90, 60ml

This article is brought to you by Moist Diane.