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Finding the perfect facial salon is almost like securing Mr. Right – and we’re not exaggerating! You need to find one that understands you, cares for you, and sticks with you through good times skin and bad.

And who to best find out which the most trusted facial salons in Singapore are, other than from Daily Vanity readers who take time to care for their skin and are discerning with how they part with their money.

Over 2,000 women have participated in the statistically significant Daily Vanity Survey 2017, and they’ve voted for the facial salons that they trust. Here they are – and we also share which facial treatments you can consider trying out.

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(The following list is compiled in alphabetical order):

1. Adeva Spa

If you’re looking for a respite from city life or right after intensive shopping along Orchard Road, Adeva Spa may be where you can go to. The spa spans 9,500 sqft, and offers a suite of facial and body treatments.

Try: Natura Blisse Diamond White treatment. At the centre of this facial is the Diamond White Serum from Natura Blisse, a professional cosmetics brand. This serum helps with dark spot correction and prevention. Besides illuminating skin, it also regulates melanin production to give skin a more even tone, while lightening the appearance of spots.

Adeva Spa is located at #06-22/23/24 Paragon. 

2. Adonis

Established in the 1980s, Adonis is a familiar name to most. Using natural ingredients, Adonis therapies include facial treatments, breast health treatments, and also those targeting overall health and wellness.

Try: Chlorophyll Facial. The treatment begins with a relaxing foot bath, a thorough extraction, use of machine (e.g. Sonic Transdermal or Soft Light) and a customised mask. This is a great treatment to go for if you’d like to give your skin a detox, in order to visibly reverse damage from pollutants and free radicals, both of which are a fact of urban life.

Adonis has outlets at several locations. Visit their website for more information.

3. Amore Boutique Spa

You’ll probably know Amore Fitness well, but did you know that the gym chain also owns a spa? From the votes, it looks like our readers think they deserve accolades for their spa services too! Besides offering facial and body treatments, the Amore Boutique Spa also provides facilities such as Swiss showers, jacuzzi, and aromatic steam bath facilities to help you wind down.

Try: PURUS O2 Skin Tightening Facial. This 90-minute treatment is designed to help your skin become bouncier and more elastic. Wrinkles can also be visibly eliminated, thanks to the technology used (infrared light and bi-polar radio frequency). You’ll find your skin feel smoother, firmer, and more supple after the treatment.

Amore Boutique Spa has outlets at several locations. Visit their website for more information.

4. Bio Aesthetic

Bio Aesthetic is a medispa that is known for its skin rejuvenation and anti-ageing treatments. They pride themselves in using clinically developed products made from natural ingredients.

Try: BioBrightening C+ Facial. This facial taps into the goodness of Vitamin C to deliver strong anti-oxidant benefits. Designed to reduce photo-ageing, stimulate collagen formation, increase hydration, and reduce inflammation, this is especially suitable for those who are concerned about skin dullness due to pollution (including smoking and passive smoking).

Bio Aesthetic MediSpa is located at #04-56 Plaza Singapura.

5. BioSkin

If you’ve heard of BioSkin, you probably would also know who its founder is. Founded by Mathilda Koh, BioSkin was started in 1996, and often features its founder in their marketing campaigns. The salon has grown in the last 20 years and now has several outlets around Singapore.

Try: Cell Fusion Face Treatment. Delivering customised stem cells essence to the skin based on your skin’s condition, the facial ensures the goodness of the products is delivered deeply into skin using the electrical polarity technology. This facial is designed for deep exfoliation, enhancing blood circulation, and for brightening benefits.


BioSkin has outlets in several locations. Visit their website for more information.

6. Clarins Skin Spa

Clarins is a well-established beauty brand that’s also known for its unique massage techniques. It is, therefore, not surprising that its spa also made it to the Top 10 Most Trusted Facial Salon list in the Daily Vanity Survey 2017.

Try: The Total V Face Shaper. The Clarins Shaping Facial Lift is one of its most recognised products, and this facial treatment taps on the same technology. The 75-minute contouring facial treatment helps to refine, lift, and firm skin. You’ll leave the session seeing puffiness less obvious, facial contours more defined, and the appearance of double chin reduced.

Clarins Skin Spa is located at #05-05/06/07 Wheelock Place.

7. Jean Yip

Jean Yip Salon may have started in the hairstyling arena, but they have since grown to become a one-stop beauty salon, offering hair, beauty, and slimming services. The chain has 50 outlets all over Singapore, and a huge team of 600 hairstylists and beauty therapists.

Try: R6 Customised Face Treatment. This is their signature facial treatment and is designed to help improve several skin concerns at a time. At the heart of this facial treatment is the Transdermal Administrative System that allows the active ingredients in products to penetrate skin more deeply. Because this is a customised treatment, every customer will receive a different experience, but generally there will be a deep cleansing step, pore-minimising step, the use of the system, and then a mask for the eye area and neck area.

There are many Jean Yip outlets and you can find their locations on their website.

8. New York Skin Solutions

With more than 20 years of experience in offering facial services, New York Skin Solutions is known for restoring healthy skin for those who suffer from severe skin problems. Skin diagnosis is done at every session to help customers monitor their progress.

Try: HydroCollagen + Skin Treatment. This facial treatment is able to address multiple concerns at the same time, including: lightening the appearance of dark eye circles, pigmentation, and pimples, soothing sensitive skin, provide a lifting effect on skin, and enhancing skin radiance.

New York Skin Solutions has several outlets at different locations. You can find them on their website.

9. Skin Inc

Known for their custom serum, Skin Inc also offers facial treatments at their concept stores. Using the latest technology from Japan, its products are also free from scent and parabens.

Try: Oxy Miracle Peel. If your busy lifestyle is taking a toll on your skin, then this facial treatment is ideal for you. It delivers five benefits in one: deep cleansing, exfoliating, hydrating, oxygenating, and improving micro-circulation (so skin can look more lifted and radiant). This gentle treatment is suitable even for those with sensitive and acne-prone skin.

Skin Inc concept stores are located at B3-43 ION Orchard, #03-14/15 Scotts Square, and #01-01 VivoCity.

10. Sulwhasoo Facial Studio

You probably know Sulwhasoo, the luxury Korean brand that taps on the power of ginseng in its products. Its facial treatments uses their signature products and the philosophy of harmony and balance in its techniques.

Try: Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Treatment. The iconic Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream EX is used in this treatment, together with a jade applicator to massage the skin. Together, they are able to help skin regain vitality while managing the signs of ageing. It is also great for overall wellness, as the jade applicator is able to balance the yin and yang in the body.

Sulwhasoo Facial Studio has outlets at several locations. Find them on their website.