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This Mother’s Day, instead of gifting your mum skincare products for youthful, more radiant skin, perhaps it’s a good idea to switch it up for haircare products that nourish and combat the effects of ageing on the scalp instead!

That’s right, while most of us are familiar with the effects of ageing on the face, fewer of us realise that our scalps are also taking a hit. A study done revealed that the scalp ages six times faster than the face and 12 times quicker than the body.

Really, more love should be given to the skin on the top of our heads.

What are the effects of ageing on the scalp?

While it’s the most obvious, premature greying isn’t the only symptom of an ageing scalp. Even if you don’t realise it, problems like hair loss, thinning, scalp sensitivity, as well as dry, flakey, itchy, or oily scalps can also be due to ageing.

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Ageing causes the hair follicles to shrink, for instance, which decreases the growth phase of the locks. In turn, hairs that emerge from the scalp are thinner, more fragile, and fall out more easily.

The scalp can also experience a decreased ability to hold moisture and a reduction of sebum secretion (due to hormonal changes) that makes it dry, flakey, itchy, or even oily. Since moisture is important for healthy hair growth and the right amount of natural oils give the hair its shine, hair is also not as strong or luscious as it should be.

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Besides age, many other factors can cause the scalp to experience the effects of ageing faster than it should. These include stress, ultraviolet (UV) exposure, pollution, and hormonal imbalances. Even a young person’s scalp can also be affected in ways that are causing the skin at its roots to be ageing earlier than it should.

Since taking good care of the scalp is important for mothers whether young or old, we’re going to dive right in and introduce the best scalp-loving products to wrap up as a gift for your mum on this special occasion!

The greatest scalp-loving products to gift your mum this Mother’s Day


haircare gifts mothers day singapore - ADV elixir

Did you know that exfoliation is an important step in haircare too? If you’re making sure to exfoliate your skin, then the same should go for your scalp too.

Exfoliation helps to remove and prevent an unhealthy build-up of hair products, oil, and other impurities. Such build-up can clog the hair follicles, leading to an irritated scalp and even hair loss over time.

The PHS HAIRSCIENCE ADV Elixir works as a powerful exfoliant that cleanses and rebalances the scalp. At the same time, it helps the scalp to better absorb nutrients from follow-up haircare products like shampoos and ampoules!

Shop ADV Elixir for S$238 on PHS HAIRSCIENCE.


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While some shampoos make tresses appear smooth, PHS HAIRSCIENCE’s ADV Nutrition Shampoo repairs damaged hair from the inside out. Glossy, shiny locks are a result of a healthy scalp and hair.

Formulated with rice stem cells that are rich in antioxidants, PHS HAIRSCIENCE ADV Nutrition Shampoo helps to reduce oxidative stress experienced by the scalp and hair. So, each time you shampoo, your scalp and hair are refreshed!

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The shampoo also uses Patent 5 Complex, which is a blend of Angelica Dahurica Root, Chinese Cucumber Root, Marsh Parsley Root, Japanese Honey Locust Fruit, and Adzuki Bean. These work together to purify and strengthen barrier functions at the scalp, keeping the scalp clean and healthy.

Since the shampoo is free from harmful additives like scalp-drying parabens, it’s also gentle on the scalp despite its effective cleansing properties.

Shop this product for S$48 on PHS HAIRSCIENCE.

PHS HAIRSCIENCE FEM Thickening Shampoo

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Should thinning hair be your mum’s concern, then gift her with PHS HAIRSCIENCE’s FEM Thickening Shampoo, which uses active botanical complexes to stimulate hair growth.

Besides the most basic function of cleansing the scalp, the shampoo also encourages hair growth using 6 Vegetal Complex. A blend of botanicals, the 6 Vegetal Complex stimulates the hair root, which encourages blood circulation and lets more nutrients reach the root. In other words, your hair gets what it needs to grow!

The hair that emerges from your scalp will be healthy too. The shampoo’s Botanical 20 Complex works to nourish the scalp so that you get thicker and stronger hair.

Shop this product for S$54 on PHS HAIRSCIENCE.

PHS HAIRSCIENCE FEM Fortify Conditioner

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Haircare isn’t complete without a good conditioner. For Mother’s Day, look no further than PHS Hairscience’s FEM Fortify Conditioner as a gift for your mum. It doesn’t merely make your tresses appear shiny, it also strengthens the hair from within.

A key ingredient? Tomato stem cells. They have strong moisturising properties, which help to hydrate and soften the hair. Since they’re rich in antioxidants, they also repair damaged locks and increase hair’s resilience against future damage.

Paired with other ingredients like Milk Proteins Extract and Sweet Almond Extract, the conditioner protects the hair against breakage. When you run your fingers through your hair, they’re less likely to break; in that way, the conditioner reduces hair fall too.

Shop the FEM Fortify Conditioner for S$48 on PHS HAIRSCIENCE.


haircare gifts mothers day singapore - FEM stem c ampoule

While shampoos and conditioners are a part of almost anyone’s haircare regimen, hair ampoules are a product that you might be less familiar with.

But what are they exactly? Hair ampoules, like ampoules for the skin, are supercharged with active ingredients to treat your scalp in a much shorter amount of time.

Because they deliver such a concentrated amount of active ingredients to the scalp, you’re recommended to use ampoules every day for a short period of time – and you’re supposed to see results fast.

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So, when it comes to severe hair thinning and hair loss, the PHS Hairscience FEM Stem C Ampoule is a product that you’ll want to get your hands on.

Formulated with cell-signalling proteins and oleanolic acid, the ampoule works to regenerate dormant follicle stem cells, allowing hair to grow again. Mum can simply apply this to her scalp after conditioning, as a form of treatment for her hair and its roots!

Shop FEM Stem C Ampoule for S$359 on PHS HAIRSCIENCE.

PHS HAIRSCIENCE FEM Stem C Growth Activator

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The FEM Stem C Growth Activator is also an ampoule for the scalp. It contains a powerful blend of active ingredients to energise follicle stem cells and kickstart new hair growth!

Shop FEM Stem C Growth Activator for S$239 on PHS Hairsicence.

Steps for using the scalp anti-ageing products

This Mother’s Day, PHS HAIRSCIENCE is bringing all of these best scalp-loving products together with two special bundles, the FEM Thickening Hair Growth Bundle and the FEM Thickening Premium Bundle.

haircare gifts mothers day singapore - thickening growth bundle

The FEM Thickening Hair Growth Bundle includes the ADV Nutrition Shampoo (200ml), FEM Thickening Shampoo (200ml), FEM Fortify Conditioner (200ml), FEM Stem C Ampoule (3ml x 30), and FEM Stem C Growth Activator (15ml).

haircare gifts mothers day singapore - thickening premium bundle

The FEM Thickening Premium Bundle has all of the products in the FEM Thickening Hair Growth Bundle, plus an additional ADV Elixir (100ml) for exfoliation.

Here’s how your mum can refresh her haircare regimen for fuller, healthier locks with these products:

Step 1: Exfoliate

Before shampooing her hair, she should apply the ADV Nutrition Elixir onto her scalp for a thorough exfoliation. The product will slough away dead skin cells and other impurities, leaving her with a happier, healthier scalp.

Exfoliation should be performed once a week.

Step 2: Double cleanse

Just as in skincare, double cleansing is also an important part of scalp-care too. Mum should first shampoo her tresses with the ADV Nutrition Shampoo to purify and cleanse her scalp. After rinsing the shampoo away, follow up with the FEM Thickening Shampoo to energise the hair follicles and stimulate hair growth.

Step 3: Condition

After shampooing comes conditioning. Once the shampoo has been rinsed away, condition the lengths of the hair with the FEM Fortify Conditioner. This time, remember to keep the product from touching the scalp as best as possible. The conditioner will deeply moisturise and strengthen the hair, giving your mum silkier tresses.

Step 4: Treat

Out of the shower and after towel-drying her hair, your mum should apply the FEM Stem C Ampoule followed by FEM Stem C Growth Activator to her scalp. Gently massage it at the roots in a circular motion, and there’s no need to rinse after. Voila – she’s one step closer to having a healthier scalp and stronger hair!

Premium Mother’s Day Bundles are available exclusively at Wheelock Place #04-12, Ngee Ann City #05-25A/B, Plaza Singapura #04-34/35 and Bedok Mall #B2-40/41.

FEM Thickening Range can also be found on PHS HAIRSCIENCE e-store and Takashimaya Level 3 Counter.

This article is brought to you by PHS HAIRSCIENCE.