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We love Muji for their sturdy, clear acrylic drawers that organises our makeup collection in such aesthetically pleasing ways! But have you ever wandered over to the beauty section in Muji and wondered how good the products actually are? With their beautiful trademark minimalist packaging, everything looks pretty similar to the eye too!

muji beauty

Never fear! We’ve rolled up our sleeves and gone sleuthing online to find out which Muji products are absolute star buys in terms of cost and quality.

From make-up to beauty tools to skin care, you’d be wondering why these aren’t way more popular than they already are. Best part? These products are not only all made in Japan, but they also all cost less than SGD10 in our local Muji stores!

Ready for our exciting recommendations? Let’s go!

1. Muji Matte Cheek Color in Rose

muji beauty matte cheek color in rose

Reviewers have given this several thumbs up for its colour and texture! Finely milled and very buildable due to its light pigmentation, this blush shows up as a healthy, natural flush on your cheeks when worn.

With its delicate shade of rose pink, some people even say it is a close enough dupe for Benefit’s famous shade, Dandelion. The clear flip-open packaging is reminiscent of Shu Uemura’s blushes too, except it sells for a fraction of the price!

Muji Matte Cheek Color in Rose retails for SGD9.60 on Muji online and in stores.

2. Muji Wooden Pencil Eyebrow in Brown

Muji beauty Wooden Pencil Eyebrow in Brown

This pencil is laden with old-school charm: it’s thick, wooden, and sturdy. It comes in two colours: grey and brown, but the brown shade seems to be more popular amongst users.

It is very pigmented, glides on smoothly, and the tip is pretty hard so it is easy to build the colour up. It also has long staying power. For an eyebrow pencil this affordable, we call that very amazing quality.

Muji Wooden Pencil Eyebrow in Brown retails for SGD5.90 on Muji online and in stores.

3. Muji Portable Eyelash Curler

Muji beauty Portable Eyelash Curler

This is one Muji product that has received rave reviews on multiple sites! Many who have tried it swear that it is almost as good, if not even better, than the legendary Shu Uemura eyelash curler.

Ladies love this for the comfortable fit of the pads (which are replaceable), and for how compact and portable it is. It fits snugly into any makeup pouch for on-the-go use, or for travel.

Muji Portable Eyelash Curler retails for SGD7.30 on Muji online and in stores.

4. Muji Wooden Pencil Lip Liner in Rose

Muji beauty Wooden Pencil Lip Liner in Rose

There are currently three shades in stock – beige, pink, and rose. While they are all gorgeous, our pick has to be this lovely shade of warm dusty rose.

Packaged as a sturdy wooden pencil with a clear plastic cap, this lip liner is a gem! It glides on smoothly, has long staying power and does not smudge or feather even after eating and drinking.

Muji Wooden Pencil Lip Liner in Rose retails for SGD6.30 on Muji online and in stores.

5. Muji Face Lotion Sheet

Muji beauty face lotion sheet

These little dehydrated masks are genius! They look like little tightly packed tablets and watching them unfurl makes for some mesmerising visual therapy.

All you have to do is pop one of these into a little bowl of your toner or essence of choice (imagine the possibilities!). The mask soaks up the liquid goodness and slowly unravels into a proper sheet mask, now drenched in your favourite skincare.

The sheets are also made of non-woven cotton, so they are super comfortable on your face.

Muji Face Lotion Sheet retails for SGD1.60 (5pcs) and SGD5.90 (20pcs) on Muji online and in stores.

6. Muji Cut Cotton Squares Ecru Unbleached

Muji beauty Cut Cotton Squares Ecru Unbleached

Many ladies hail these cotton pads as the holy grail of all cotton pads, and for good reason! They’re made of long, unbleached cotton fibres, and feel super soft on your face.

When used to apply toners or moisturisers, they hold up nicely when soaked in liquid, and doesn’t fall apart or leave behind lint when drenched.

It holds liquid well, but also dispenses equally nicely, so your product gets on to your skin instead of staying in the cotton. The cotton pads come in resealable packs, which are a nice and hygienic touch.

Muji Cut Cotton Squares Ecru Unbleached retails for SGD4.60 (180 sheets; regular size) and SGD8.90 (135 sheets; large size) on Muji online and in stores.

7. Muji Sensitive Cleansing Oil

Muji beauty sensitive oil cleansing

The nice thing about Muji’s beauty line is how many of them come in travel-sized versions! Whether you’re looking for travel toiletries, or you simply want to try them out without purchasing a full-sized bottle, having these options are a nice touch.

The Sensitive range of products is specially formulated for people with sensitive skin, as the name suggests. Fragrance-free and made from natural ingredients, this cleansing oil has been strongly recommended for its ability to remove even the most stubborn of waterproof mascara without stinging the eyes.

Try this out in a nifty 50ml travel size at SGD7.11, and go purchase the full-sized products if you like it!

Muji Sensitive Cleansing Oil retails for SGD7.90 (50ml) on Muji online and in stores.

8. Muji Sensitive Toning Water Light

Muji beauty Sensitive Toning Water Light

Out of all the toners available in the Sensitive range, we found that this Light version was particularly recommended, especially in Singapore.

With a light, water-like texture, it goes on as a very thin layer to prep your skin for the rest of your skin. It leaves your skin feeling refreshed and cool.

It is also fragrance-free, so you’d practically feel as comfortable as if you were applying water! It contains grapefruit seeds extracts and purslane extract to reduce inflammation and promote skin renewal.

Muji Sensitive Toning Water Light retails for SGD4.14 (50ml) and SGD9.37 (200ml) on Muji online and in stores.

 9. Muji Sensitive Moisturising Milk

muji beauty sensitive moisturising milk

With a watery and thin texture that delivers a surprising hydration punch, this moisturising milk is perfect for our hot climate. It is absorbed by the skin quickly, and does not leave your skin feeling sticky after.

Ladies who love this say it leaves a pretty, dewy glow on their faces after application with none of the irritation or heaviness. Its main ingredient is natural spring water from Kamaishi, which delivers that boost of hydration your skin will surely love.

Muji Sensitive Moisturising Milk retails for SGD4.14 (50ml) and SGD9.27 (200ml) on Muji online and in stores.

10. Muji Eye Color Brush

Muji beauty eye color brush

Made of soft plant-derived polyester fibres (animal-lovers, rejoice!!), this eye brush is the perfect shape for laying on the base colour on your eye and blending colours out.

It is also easy to wash, as eyeshadow pigment does not cling to the bristles. The brush head is also quite resistant to curling, so it’s durable and won’t be bent out of shape when washing.

Muji Eye Color Brush retails for SGD8.90 on Muji online and in stores.

Know of more awesome Muji beauty buys that you think should be in this article? Comment down below and let us know!