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When it comes to fuss-free linen clothing, minimalist stationery, and perhaps even Japanese-style furniture and interior products, Muji is likely the first name that comes to mind; it’s just one of those stores that you go in not intending to buy something, but somehow, you’d just walk out with a Muji shopping bag.


And if you love snacks as much as we do, Muji even sells some mean savoury and sweet snacks that you just keep going back for more and more.

But the Japanese brand’s beauty products aren’t too shabby themselves either; in fact, it has quite a comprehensive range of makeup, skincare, bodycare, haircare, and even home fragrance under its health and beauty department.

Muji Japan New Bodycare Series Body Cream Body Gel Hand Cream

Recently, a new body range launched by Muji Japan caught our attention. Developed to address skin dryness caused by the autumn and winter seasons in the country, Muji Japan released a compact three-piece series that includes two body moisturisers and a hand cream that are said to keep you moisturised all day long.

Like all its products which are centred around quality and simplicity, the new body care series is formulated with just three types of natural botanical oils, namely chlorella, jojoba, and olive, which are said to provide long-lasting moisture and help prevent moisture loss.

We also know what you’re wondering: all the products purportedly come with a touch of herbal scent, and are highly nourishing without any stickiness or greasiness. Similar to Muji’s other beauty products, these formulas are free of alcohol, synthetic fragrances, mineral oils, and colorants.

Muji Bodycare Products Japan

Photo: Muji Japan

In the series, Muji has two formulas for the body: a Body Gel that has a refreshing, non-sticky texture, and a Body Cream that’s slightly richer than the former but still relatively easy to absorb. We reckon the latter would be great for drier skin types that need more intense nourishment!

Muji Hand Cream

Photo: Muji Japan

Meanwhile, we have our eyes on the Hand Cream, which has been quite a treasured product these days ever since we have to wash and sanitise our hands more frequently. The texture seems to be a hybrid between gel and cream, which we think would be a dream to apply on the hands.

With its gel-cream texture, it’ll hydrate your hands without leaving any sticky after-feel. And coming in just the right size (a 50ml tube), it can travel around easily with you in your tote bag or even pouch!

Muji Hand Cream Texture

Photo: Muji Japan

Word is, the new body care series was swiftly snapped up by the locals in Japan as soon as it was launched. Many netizens went on to sing praises about the products’ highly moisturising properties, and how they make the skin feel soft and slippery without any icky stickiness.

And get this, some of them even said that the light herbal aroma is somewhat similar to that of Aesop’s products! Since the latter can cost anywhere from S$39 for a 75ml hand cream to S$129 for a 500ml body balm, it’s no wonder why the new Muji offerings sold out so quickly.

For comparison, the Muji Hand Cream retails for about S$9.59 (¥750) while the Body Cream and Body Gel are priced at approximately S$16.50 (¥1,290) and S$19.06 (¥1,490) respectively.

We did a quick check on Muji Singapore’s website and unfortunately, these three products aren’t available to us here in Singapore yet.

While we wait for Muji Singapore to hear our plea and bring in these products, you can only get your hands on them if you have friends or family living in Japan or if you or someone you know is travelling to the country for business matters.

Alternatively, you can consider e-commerce cross-borders logistics sites such as Buyandship to shop the items and get them shipped into Singapore.