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When it comes to hair removal services, especially to be done around our sensitive parts such as the underarm and bikini line, only the best will do. Japan is one of the pioneers when it comes to offering high quality hair removal services, and it is no wonder women in Singapore feel most comfortable knowing that a salon is backed by a Japanese brand.

Why is Japanese hair removal services the gold standard in industry?

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The pursuit of fuzz management isn’t new in Japan, so Japanese women have been getting their unwanted hair removed by professionals for a long time. As a pioneer in the industry, Japanese hair removal salons have come up with a strict protocol that also focuses on customer service and attention to detail.

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Besides a commitment to offering consistent, Japanese-standard service, most Japanese salons also believe in upholding hygiene and comfort. Customers can also expect to be welcomed by professional consultants who aren’t pushy about sales.

Thanks to Japan’s focus in technology, Japanese hair removal salons also tend to be equipped with the best machines that can ensure cleanliness and effectiveness.

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However, simply having a Japanese-sounding name doesn’t necessarily mean that the hair removal salon prescribe to the Japanese protocol.

If you believe in the Japanese standard of service and professionalism and would like to go with a Japanese salon, always make sure that the company is indeed operating under a Japanese headquarter, and has a strong reputation that began in Japan.

Where can you find a Japanese hair removal salon in Singapore?

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If you’re looking for a Japanese hair removal salon, look no further than Musee Platinum Tokyo. The well-loved chain of hair removal salons is the winner of Best Hair Removal Salon at the Daily Vanity Spa and Hair Awards 2018.

Winners of this award are chosen based on votes by more than 1,800 Daily Vanity readers, so you can see the affirmation beauty enthusiasts have given to Musee.

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Musee is Japan’s No. 1 hair removal salon and has 170 salons all over Japan. This is why we aren’t surprised they have received this accolade from Singapore readers.

While Musee has opened six outlets in Singapore, the local operations still report directly to its Japanese HQ to ensure standard of quality and standard. In other words, remember what we’ve shared with you about Japanese level of service and professionalism at the start of the article? Musee’s Japanese management sees to delivering it.

The hair removal specialist has been in the market for almost a decade, making it an expert in the service. After all, Musee concentrates solely on hair removal, which means their therapists are well-trained and experienced in making sure customers are satisfied from consultation to hair removal.

Try Musee Express

But the fact that it’s already leading the pack doesn’t mean that Musee is resting on its laurels. In fact, the salon has just launched Musee Express in June, an improved treatment that uses an upgraded high speed machine for more efficient and faster hair removal services.

What this means is that treatment time will be shorter and they’ll be able to offer more appointment slots as a result to cater to your busy schedule.

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Besides delivering efficiency, Musee Express also uses state-of-the-art pain-free technology that’s effective while being gentle on skin.

During the treatment, a special Musee-formulated gel is applied on skin. This gel is activated when exposed to beams of filtered light. The gel, which is made from plant peptides, doesn’t just work as an activator for hair removal, but also helps skin appear smoother and brighter.

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Note that you’ll need to find out if you are suitable for this specific service before the consultants can proceed with it. Thankfully, consultation is free at Musee, and you can book for your complimentary consultation through the contact form below.

More good news! Musee is currently offering a promotion in the month of August, so you’ll be able to receive unlimited sessions of underarm and bikini line hair removal service at just S$38 with S$53 cash rebate*. Book for your complimentary consultation now to enjoy this amazing perk.

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