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While there’s an endless slew of nail trends dominating social media, some just aren’t everyone’s cup of tea.

If you’re someone who prefers a minimalistic nail look, or if you have cuticles that are prone to damage, there’s one product you need to add to your cart, stat.

Nail concealers have been the talk of the town for their nourishing formula. Not sure how this viral product fits into your polish collection? Here’s the lowdown of how it works and why everyone needs it.

What is a nail concealer?

Photo source: Londontown

The main purpose of the nail concealer is to neutralise discolouration, cover imperfections, and brighten the entire look of the nail.

These formulas also boast UV filtering and antioxidant properties to prevent further discolouration and damage, as well as naturally brighten the nails over time.

Photo source: Londontown

If you’ve always been slightly insecure about the yellow, discoloured patches on your nails, a nail concealer is a great way to cover them up.

It has a milky shade with a sheer luminous finish, perfect for a clean manicure look.

Photo source: Londontown

Though its natural shade is not as colourful as the usual polishes with vibrant hues, it’s never a bad idea to take a break from brightly-coloured nails and opt for a subtle style.

Plus, if you’re someone who often does gel manicures and you’re noticing cuticle wear and tear after removal, this nail concealer will slowly rectify those damaged areas.

How do you use a nail concealer?

Photo source: @Ron Lach/Pexels

Another aspect we love about the nail concealer is how easy it is to use. Simply apply it on like you would regular nail polish.

The number of coats you decide on depends on the amount of discolouration on your nails and the type of finish you’re hoping to achieve.

Since it has a sheer finish, you might need around three to four coats for a full coverage and milky manicure.

However, if you simply want to neutralise the discoloured areas, one to two coats will suffice.

Where can you get a nail concealer?

Photo source: Dermelect

Though nail concealers can’t be found in nearby drugstores, we did some digging and found where you can easily get them online.

  • Londontown KUR Illuminating Nail Concealer retails for US$20 (~S$26.08), available at Ulta. Take note that you’ll have to prepare a parcel-forwarding service when shopping on Ulta as they do not ship directly to Singapore.
  • Londontown KUR Illuminating Nail Concealer retails for S$35.50, available at The Naturally Better Company.
  • Dermelect Cosmeceuticals Makeover Ridge Filler retails for US$10.80 (~S$14.08), available at SkinStore.

Featured image credit: Londontown and @Ron Lach/Pexels