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If you’re an NCTzen who loves K-beauty, this is for you!

Two worlds have collided with Peripera’s latest launch, a collaboration between Peripera and NCT members Doyoung and Jungwoo.

The new Soda Café collection features new shades of Peripera’s bestsellers, along with adorable new packaging decorated with cherries and sundaes, reminiscent of a retro diner’s delectable treats.

Credits: @peripera_official/Instagram

Plus, Peripera has revealed which of the new products were used for Doyoung and Jungwoo’s makeup in the Soda Café campaign, so you know they have our favourite stars’ stamp of approval!

Read on for all the details on this fresh new collection.

Collaboration with Doyoung and Jungwoo

Credits: @peripera_official/Instagram

K-pop fans might have already seen the playful photos of Doyoung and Jungwoo modelling products from the new Soda Café launch!

As ambassadors for Peripera, this isn’t the first time the two idols have collaborated with the brand.

However, their youthful energy and refreshing visuals definitely take the campaign to the next level, successfully encapsulating the new collection’s fresh and fun aesthetic.

Credits: @peripera_official/Instagram

According to Peripera, Doyoung’s makeup utilises the cool-toned products in the Soda Café range, such as the new shade 25 Hot Strawberry of the Ink Mood Glowy Tint and 02 Clear Flash of the brand-new V-Highlighter.

On the other hand, Jungwoo uses the warmer variations of the new products to suit his skin tone!

His picks include peachy eyeshadow from Shade 01 of the revamped All Take Mood Palettes and 04 Juicy Coral, the newest shade of Peripera’s bestselling Pure Blushed Custom Cheek blushes.

If you want to try out the same products used by your bias, keep reading to find out where you can get them for yourself.

Ink Mood Glowy Tint

Credits: @peripera_official/Instagram

Fans of lip gloss have definitely heard of Peripera’s iconic Ink Mood Glowy Tint glosses!

These moisturising lip glosses are well-loved for their glassy shine and long-lasting stain. They now come in three new vibrant shades, which you can add to your collection.

24 Coral Pride is a fiery orange-coral shade, 25 Hot Strawberry is a vibrant Barbie-esque pink, and 26 Why So Berry is a grape-like mauve hue.

Popular shades 03 Rose In Mind and 05 Cherry So What have also received a makeover, and they now come in the Soda Café packaging, which features an engraved cherry on the lip gloss casing.

Credits: @peripera_official/Instagram

Plus, each of the five Soda Café lippies comes with a mini Melon Gloss! This complimentary gift is a clear gloss with a tint of green, reminiscent of a glass of soda or a fresh slice of melon.

Use it as a topper to give your lip combo extra shine, and enjoy the refreshing melon fragrance infused into the gloss!

The Soda Café Ink Mood Glowy Tints retail for US$15 (approximately S$20.30) each on Olive Young.

Pure Blushed Custom Cheek

Peripera recently expanded their beloved blushes to include two shades in one pan, creating a delicate gradient.

One new variation of this innovative design has been added to the Soda Café collection: 04 Juicy Coral!

This blush has a bright coral shade blended with a soda-green shade. But don’t worry—the unique green shade won’t be visible when applied!

The two shades can be mixed together for a brightening effect or used separately to colour correct, adding vitality and a youthful pop of colour to your complexion.

Plus, 01 Candy Pink, a blend between pale blue and bubblegum pink, now features a sweet cherry embossed onto the blush, fitting into the collection’s aesthetic.

The Soda Café Pure Blushed Custom Cheek Blushes retail for US$14 (approximately S$18.95) each on Olive Young.

All Take Mood Palette

Credits: @peripera_official/Instagram

Like the old palettes, the new All Take Mood Palettes feature shades that range from light to dark, so you can easily follow the shades from left to right to simplify your routine!

The user-friendly palette is designed to tilt towards the user at a slight angle, so picking up the pigment is a breeze.

However, the new palettes are now smaller and sleeker than the older variations of this palette, making it easier than ever to store and use them!

Both the old and new palettes offer eight shades, but the new palettes now have a space-saving layout that packs two shades into one pan.

The revamped palettes come in four variations to match your skin’s undertones.

Shade 01 features pale coral and peach tones that are perfect for springtime, while shade 02 comprises of soft pinks and cool-toned browns.

If you’re hoping to try a bolder look, shade 03 consists of brighter and deeper corals and oranges, while shade 04 is made up of vibrant pinks and mauves to complement cool-toned skin.

The Soda Café All Take Mood Palettes retail for US$31 (approximately S$41.96) each on Olive Young.


Credits: @peripera_official/Instagram

The V-Highlighter pacts comprise of three shades of highlight in two different powder textures!

Two of the shades have a dimmer, more subtle sheen, perfect for giving you a natural radiant glow.

For that extra bit of glamour, the last shade creates a high-shine finish, adding some enchanting sparkle to your makeup!

Plus, the highlighters now come with a complimentary brush to help you easily dust the radiant highlighter onto your cheeks.

They’re available in shades 01 Shining On for warm-toned skin, a collection of rose-gold shimmers, and 02 Clear Flash for cool-toned skin, a unique mix of pink, white, and blue.

The Soda Café V-Highlighter pacts retail for US$21 (approximately S$28.42) each on Olive Young.


Peripera’s beloved contours feature three shades each, merged into one pact for maximum convenience!

They come in different shade combinations for warm and cool-toned skin, so you’ll get a natural added dimension that complements your skin tone perfectly.

For this new collection, the V-Shading pacts now feature a cute embossed sundae and include a dual-ended cream contour stick for easy blending and application onto smaller areas like your nose and eyes.

The Soda Café V-Shading pacts retail for US$21 (approximately S$28.42) each on Olive Young.

Products To Look Forward To

Credits: @peripera_official/Instagram

As of now, a few products in the collection have yet to be released outside of Korea and are only available on Olive Young Korea.

They include the Oil Capture Cooling Powder, a loose powder for serum control, and the Ink All Black Cara, Peripera’s beloved mascara, both of which will feature new packaging in line with the Soda Café theme.

Additionally, the collection will include new shades of the Ink Pocket Shadow Palette and a newly packaged Mood Fit Cover Cushion, which are slated to launch in Korea next month.

We’re looking forward to checking out these new products when they eventually reach our shores!

Featured image credits: @peripera_official/Instagram.