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We’ve been adding new makeup and skincare products to our collection month after month, but how often do we swoon over hair products?

The new launches in the last few weeks have proven that there’s something to get excited about hair products. We’ve rounded up seven hair products you need to check out: everything from shampoos to hair dye. Read on and you might find yourself putting one or even more into your growing wish-list.

1. Ryo Hair Loss Care Line

Hair Products Round Up Ryo

Love Korean beauty products and swear by traditional Korean herbs? Then this new brand that has just come to Singapore may have what you want.

Ryo is known for using ingredients like ginseng saponins and Jeju camellia oil in their hair care formula, caring for your tresses in the most natural way. They have several product lines but the best-sellers arre definitely from the Hair Loss Care Line, which contains enhanced GinsenEX, a highly concentrated ginsenoside that combats hair loss so you can achieve a healthy scalp.

Besides fixing the problem of hair loss, this range also works to combat early signs of hair loss – limp hair, flat hair, a widening hair part, and a dry and itchy scalp.

Ryo Hair Loss Care Line includes a shampoo for oily scalp (SGD19.90), shampoo for normal and dry scalp (SGD19.90) and a treatment (SGD12.90).

Ryo is now exclusively available at over 100 Guardian Singapore locations and online at Guardian, Shopee, Lazada, and Qoo10.

2. Tsubaki Botanical range

Hair Products Round Up Tsubaki Botanicals

Did you know damaged hair have narrower thinner cell vessels that prevent water and essential nutrients from properly delivering to your hair cells, making your tresses dry and weak.

This is why Tsubaki has launched the Botanical range that’s specially formulated to boost penetration and delivery of nutrients into the hair cell vessels deeply and effectively.

Products in the Tsubaki Botanical range are packed with five naturally derived beauty ingredients: citrus fruit water to smoothen and tone hair cuticles, botanical essence to boost and adjust moisture levels in response to humidity, soy protein to strengthen hair preventing breakage, royal jelly to for optimal delivery of nutrients, and camellia japonica seed oil extract to give hair moisture and suppleness.

The Botanical series comes in three variants: for moist and manageable hair, smooth and silky hair, and airy and light hair

Prices for products in the Tsubaki Botanical range start from SGD 14.90 and are available exclusively in Watsons, Welcia-BHG, Don Don Donki and selected FairPrice supermarkets.

3. Moist Diane Refresh & Smooth range

Hair Products Round Up Moist Diane

One of the first few hair care brands that markets itself as silicone-free, Moist Diane has a huge following who love its effective formulas and pleasant fragrance.

The latest addition to their Botanical series is the Refresh & Smooth range, which is specially formulated to repair dry and sun-damaged hair due to prolonged UV exposure. Catering to those living in tropical weather, this range of products is certainly suitable for the hot and humid Singapore climate.

The shampoo, in particular, is able to lift dirt and impurities from the scalp, while the Moroccan Argan Oil and Toscana Olive Oil in the formula cleanses in a gentle way, without stripping away natural moisture from your scalp. The range of products also smells like tropical summer fruits with Rosemarry, Pineapple Ceramide and Mandarin Orange.

The Moist Diane Botanical Refresh & Smooth Sicilian Fruits hair care products retail at SGD18.90 each, and are available at Watsons, NTUC Fairprice, Don Don Donki, BHG, BHG Welcia, and Tokyu Hands.

4. My. Haircare Infuse My Colour Wash

Hair Products Round Up Myhaircare

These DIY hair dyes that are now available in Sephora will be making hair care much more fun.

My. Haircare’s Infuse My. Colour Wash comes in a range of five colours: Copper (creates warm brown colour on dark hair), Gold (maintains blonde shades on bleached hair), Ruby (maintains redness in hair colours with red hues; also creates pink with bleached blonde hair), Cobalt (creates and maintains cool dark brown shade on dark hair), Platinum (tones yellowness in bleached hair; creates icy blond on light bleached hair). The dyes are vegan and cruelty-free, providing great conditioning with the wash.

These are great for those with light-coloured hair and want to use a colour shampoo to maintain or tone their hair colour. If you have bleached hair, you’re gonna have fun mixing your own hair dye and go all out with experimenting new hair colours.

Best part? My. Haircare’s Infuse My. Colour Wash hair dyes are toxic silicone- and paraben-free, with vegan pigment and great conditioning benefit.

My. Haircare Infuse My. Colour Wash is now available in Sephora for SGD33.

4. Abyssian

Hair Products Round Up Abyssian

Abyssian is the latest haircare brand we’re fixing our eyes on. Toxic-free and environmental friendly, Abyssian’s products has zero harsh chemical and only use ingredients selected from all corners of Africa. This earth-loving hair care brand even makes you feel good with every purchase – for every product you get, Abyssian plants one tree in return!

We’d recommend trying the Abyssian Abyssinian Original Oil, which is packed with the concentrate of pure Abyssinian oil, an ancient Mediterranean seed oil that nourishes your hair. This ingredient works like a super food to replenish the nutrients your locks need.

Abyssian Abyssinian Original Oil retails at SGD36 in Sephora.

5. TRESemme Hair Care collection

Hair Products Round Up Tresemme

In partnership with local celebrity hairstylist Addy Lee and his team of more than 70 hair experts, TRESemmé’s new hair care Collection combines the power of eight precious oils, to meet the needs of Asian hair and scalp type.

The collection promises to give you “runway-ready hair”, and comes in five different variants, each targeting a different hair and scalp concern: Keratin Smooth, Detox & Nourish, Total Salon Repair, Hair Fall Control and Scalp Care. The all-time best-seller, Keratin Smooth, delivers five smoothing benefits in just one wash – anti-frizz, no tangles, no flyaways, shine and smoothness.

TRESemmé Hair Care Collection retails from SGD9.90, at Watsons, Guardian, NTUC FairPrice outlets nationwide

7. Taft hairstyling products

Hair Products Round Up Tarf

You’ll probably be familiar with the brand Schwarzkopf, or have at least seen your hairstylist using some of their products. Schwarzkopf has recently launched a series of hairstyling products under the Taft branding, and they’re designed to help give long-lasting hold to all kinds of hairstyles, regardless of weather or activity.

According to them, they’ve came up with an All Weather Proof Formula (anti-humidity, anti-UV, anti-fly aways, anti-pollution) that can make hairstyles lasts up to three days. Wow!

The hair styling products comes in four different lines that suit each of your styling needs. The Taft Ultimate line is the one with the strongest hold but still retains the shine in your hair. For something that can protect style against wind and humidity while retaining the original texture of hair, Taft Power line will be the ideal option.

While the Taft Ultra line might not have groundbreaking holding powers like the previous two lines, it provides decent strong hold for 24 hours; it also contains Arginin, an essential amino acid that strengthens your hair from all the styling.

If you just need basic hold and protection for simple styling, try the Taft Keratin line that’s fortified with liquid keratin that keeps your hair healthy. Non-sticky and lightweight, this is definitely the go-to for daily usage.

Taft Spray (250ml) and Wax (75ml) retails at SGD13.90 and SGD9, available exclusively in Watsons.