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Choosing the perfect pair of eyelashes to go along with your fabulous outfit is no easy task. You obviously want to look great from head to toe but even the fanciest designer clothes or the most expensive makeup cannot enhance the way your face look like the way a great pair of false eyelashes can.

Noon’s Up is no ordinary Korean brand. They’re trying to change the eye makeup game with a large selection of high quality eyelashes that are categorized by how you want to look that particular day.

Noon’s Up offers two different lines of eyelashes, M & K.

Noon Up Lashes 2

M line for a dramatic look.

The M line is suited for those days you want to make an impression with your makeup and long lashes. These are darker and thicker to give you a more dramatic effect.

Noons Up Natural 1

The K line provides a more natural look so that you can look effortlessly good.

Of course, to complement their high quality eyelashes, they also offer eyelash glue that you can apply using a brush. It’s not just easy to apply, but also has strong staying power of over 24 hours. The glue is also waterproof, which means you can literally dip into a pool with your false lashes on. Noon’s Up products have been lab tested for skin safety, and all products are formaldehyde-free.

Noon’s Up products will eventually be available on their online store. (Note that it is still under development at the time of writing)

This article is brought to you by Noon’s Up.