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As beauty junkies, we can say for certain that price does not equate to quality. Sometimes, the best of beauty products can be found in the most unlikely of places.

One of the best places to get said quality and affordable products? Drugstores, of course! Most of the time, you can pick up some real gems over at your local Guardian and Watsons.

If you’ve never considered drugstores as a viable place to pick up some great beauty items, well, maybe it’s time to rethink it, especially considering the influx of new and amazing beauty brands that are coming in. After scouring the shelves and conducting some thorough research, we found the best of the six new Korean brands in drugstores this month that you HAVE to know about. Ready to get some shopping done? We know we are!

1. UNPA Cosmetics

New Korean Brands Coming To Drugstores Unpa

Known for their array of innovative yet effective products (yes, we’re talking about their bubbling lip scrub, which had people freaking out and frantically posting it on Instagram), UNPA Cosmetics has finally arrived onto our Singapore shores!

This cult Korean beauty brand propelled to fame with their Bubi Bubi Lip: a bubbling lip scrub that buffs away dead, flaky skin gently, leaving you with a smooth and kissable pucker after. Many products within the range such as the Charcoal Black Toothpaste have been receiving rave reviews as well.

The full range may not be available to us just yet, but with their gorgeous packaging and effective formulas, trust us, it’s only a matter of time. Snap them up before they fly off the shelves completely!

UNPA Cosmetics is available at selected Watsons outlets.

2. D-Mask

New Korean Brands Coming To Drugstores D Mask

One of the best new Korean brands in drugstores right now? D-Mask. With a range of six facial masks that contain up to 85% concentrated serum, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to picking out your favourite.  Trust us, from brightening to soothing to hydrating, there is definitely a mask out there for every skin concern and or condition.

Your options include: the Green Tea Clean Up Mask, the Rose Water Revital Mask, the White Milk Brightening Mask, the Salmon Aqua Firming Mask, the Dual Balancing Mask, and the 88 Bio Mask. Each one of them are known to be affordable (each pack retails at SGD4.90-5.90), high quality, and highly effective in delivering on what the product claims to do. Sign us up!

D-Mask is available at selected Guardian outlets.

3. Nakeup Face

New Korean Brands Coming To Drugstores Nakeup Face

Combining the terms ‘naked face’ and ‘no makeup’, Nakeup Face is all about subtle, effortless beauty products that allow your natural beauty to shine through. Think BB cushions with a satin, dewy finish, creamy lip tints, and a cleanser that works to give you a smooth, even canvas.

Their full range comprising of liners and eyeshadows isn’t available in Singapore quite yet, but be sure to try out their BB cushions and lip products while you can (before they all sell out, that is)!

Nakeup Face is available at selected Watsons outlets.


New Korean Brands Coming To Drugstores Im Meme

If that adorable packaging doesn’t sway you just yet, we have a feeling the rest of the lineup from I’M MEME will.

Considered to be one of the best new Korean brands in drugstores, I’M MEME is known for their ultra-wearable day-to-day formulations and shades. They are also chockful of great skincare and makeup products that apply on like a dream. Their I’M TIC TOC Lipsticks, for one, come in an adorable heart shape that glides onto lips effortlessly, with the rounded corners and structure of the lipstick fitting along all the nooks and crannies of your pout. Oh, and did we mention that you can pick from ten whole shades? Expect a variety of dusty pinks, corals, and muted oranges.

The full range isn’t available at Guardian yet, but you can swoop down on the I’M MEME TIC TOC Lipstick or their I’M MULTICUBE eyeshadow palette for yourself before the craze fully hits.

I’M MEME is available at selected Guardian outlets.

5. 9CC

New Korean Brands Coming To Drugstores 9cc Collagen

At the top of the list when it comes to highly anticipated new Korean brands in drugstores? 9CC. This skincare brand has been making waves (literally) lately with their products that claim to be powered by the ‘energy of the Southern Korea sea’. And by that, they mean that their products contain ingredients such as fish collagen, sea staghorn, and black pearl that ensures a hydrated, even complexion.

They have two star products that are available at selected Watsons outlets: the 9CC Brightening Water Drop Moisture and the 9CC Concentrated Collagen Serum. The Water Drop Moisture keeps skin moisturised all while brightening it, whereas the Concentrated Collagen Serum comes in the form of a collagen ‘ball.’ Upon use, it helps firms skin, giving it a supple, bouncy look.

9CC is available at selected Watsons outlets.

… and some new products from old favourites!

6. Aprilskin

New Korean Brands Coming To Drugstores Aprilskin

There was certainly a lot of fanfare when iconic K-Beauty brand Aprilskin landed on our shores (remember their signature soap everyone was raving over?), and if the hype surrounding their new releases are anything to go by, they’re not going anywhere. They have recently launched six re-formulated and completely new BB Cushions, each with a specific purpose, such as waterproof, long-lasting, and hydrating.

Our pick has to be the Aprilskin Perfect Magic Cover Proof Cushion, though. Not only is this baby sweat-proof and waterproof, it is also hypoallergenic and suitable for even those with the most sensitive of skin! It also has a semi-matte finish that moisturises without feeling sticky, making it ideal for our hot and humid shores.

New Korean Brands Coming To Drugstores Aprilskin Candeula

Skincare-wise, Aprilskin has also recently launched their Real Calendula range, comprising of a Peel-Off Pack, a Deep Moisture Essence, and a Peeling Pad. Be sure to check them out, especially if you have dry, sensitive skin in need of quenching!

Aprilskin products are available at selected Guardian outlets.