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We won’t mince our words, Korean standard of beauty, while highly sought-after, is often strongly linked to plastic surgery. However, Mr. Lee Byung-Chul, founder of Yakson House says that this has begun to change.

Mr. Lee Byung Chul

Mr. Lee shares that a face that looks natural is the new preference of Korean women, and is what the judges at the Miss Korea beauty pageant look out for this year.

Mr. Lee says that the standard of beauty in Korea has become more “complex”.

“In the Chosun dynasty, Korean beauty is about having rounded face shape and flat features. Now, we go for a more contoured look. But it’s not just about having a pretty face, an attractive woman also lets people feel ‘comfortable’ looking at her, is well-articulated and intelligent,” he says.

Yakson House is represented in the judging panel of 2017 Miss Korea.

Best known for helping women achieve naturally smaller and sharper facial contours through its signature Golki Therapy, a non-invasive bone tonification massage technique, Yakson House also provided its treatments to contestants of the pageant before the competition started.

How to achieve naturally smaller and sharper face


Besides the iconic therapy by Yakson House, Mr. Lee shares that there are other lifestyle changes that we can make to sustain sharper-looking facial contours. Here are his tips:

1. Eat little: Mr. Lee shares that frequent chewing make mastication muscles firmer and bigger, giving us a stronger-looking jawline.

2. Go for tender food: Biting hard on food can also make these muscles, as well as our gums,”over-exercise” and become stronger. As these muscles and gums strengthen, the shape of our face and lips will also be altered.

3. Gentle cleansing: Using too much force during cleansing can be too stimulating, however, you can massage around the jawline to help relax the muscles around that area.

Basic health advice that you probably already know (but don’t follow strictly!) also help enhance your overall appearance. Mr. Lee says that common lifestyle habits that are not ideal for beauty include sleeping late, having too much stress, and lack of exercise.

Essentially, it’s also about your health

While Yakson House is first and foremost a beauty centre, there are also health benefits attached to the treatments that are administered. After all, the state of our health is reflected on our appearance too.

Mr. Lee, who studied cultivating the body through mindfulness of breathing and pain management, and is a practitioner of qigong, explains that underlying health issues can often be observed through signs shown on the face.

For instance, darkened chin may be indicative of problems in the bladder, discolouration of the eyes may point towards issues in the liver and immune system, and if darkness or redness is observed around the cheekbones, it may be reflective of heart problems.

This is why while Yakson treatments help women look better and feel more confident about themselves, they may also be reaping health benefits from them.

“We’ll take care of your beauty first, and the treatments may help you gain your wellness,” he says.

Yakson Singapore centres are located at #05-12A Wheelock Place, #B1-24 The Star Vista, #02-17 Harbourfront Centre. Besides its Golki Therapy treatments, the beauty centre has a newly-launched series of facial treatment services for acne care, pigmentation care, and scar care exclusively at its Harbourfront Centre outlet. They’ve also launched a new product line, available at all three outlets.