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The bustling heart of our city saw an exciting event this past weekend as New York Skin Solutions unveiled a range of innovative treatments designed to rejuvenate and refine the skin.

Located near the iconic fountain outside Ngee Ann City, the event provided an exclusive opportunity for attendees to discover the latest in skincare technology and meet local celebrities, such as New York Skin Solutions’ brand ambassador Shaun Chen, Mediacorp artiste Hong Hui Fang, and influencer Amander Sings.

Keep reading, because we’ll be sharing an ongoing promotional offer for the four new treatments!

What went down during the 2-day pop-up

new york skin solutions photobooth claw machine

Lucky attendees had the opportunity to win an array of fantastic prizes at the claw machine. The prizes included the coveted Dyson products, known for their innovation and performance, as well as luxurious staycation experiences.

new york skin solutions pop-up photobooth

They were also able to commemorate the event by popping into the photobooth for fun snapshots. Skincare experts were on hand to provide personalised insights, helping guests gain a deeper understanding of their skin’s condition, concerns, and potential areas for improvement.

For those who arrived early, an exclusive treat awaited them. The first 100 visitors were delighted to receive exclusive product door gifts!

New York Skin Solutions’ new range of treatments

New York Skin Solutions’ latest lineup of treatments is designed to tackle common skin issues such as acne, pigmentation, and signs of ageing – all without any downtime.

Each of these treatments is enhanced with a specially formulated Skincell Booster, featuring potent active ingredients tailored to address specific skin concerns, delivering optimal results.

Cica Acne Treatment


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The Cica Acne Treatment effectively targets common issues such as acne, excessive oiliness, dryness, and congested pores, all without the discomfort of extractions.

It harnesses the power of Hydravortex and Galvanic Technology for gentle exfoliation while simultaneously nurturing and rejuvenating the skin cells deep within the dermis layer.

The Cica Skincell Booster used in this treatment includes Asiaticoside and Madecassoside (CICA) for anti-inflammatory and hydrating benefits, Oligopeptide-146 to combat acne-causing bacteria, and Niacinamide to regulate oil production and prevent breakouts.

You’ll notice a reduction in acne, experience refined pores, and enjoy smoother, clearer skin.

Tranx-Bright Pigmentation Treatment

The Tranx-Bright Pigmentation Treatment is the ideal solution for those struggling with melasma, pigmentation concerns, dull or uneven skin tone, and acne scars. It combines the Tranx-Bright Skincell Booster with Electroporation technology to deliver potent ingredients deep into the dermis layer.

This treatment boasts Tranexamic Acid to reduce melanin synthesis, Hydroxydecyl Ubiquinone (C0Q10) for antioxidant benefits and skin brightening, and Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate to soothe dry skin and lighten dark spots.

You can look forward to lighter dark spots, improved skin tone, and enhanced defence against pigmentation concerns.

Hexa De-Age Treatment

Designed to combat wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin, the Hexa De-Age Treatment leverages S-Pulse technology with four frequency levels to target the dermis layer and stimulate facial muscles.

The Hexa De-Age Skincell Booster used in this treatment includes Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 for reducing fine lines, Sodium DNA for skin cell regeneration, and Adenosine for improving skin texture and tone.

Together, they work to reduce the look of wrinkles for firmer, more lifted skin.

D’Tox Solutions

D’Tox Solutions is specifically formulated to address toxin buildup, edema, and other underlying facial skin concerns. Just like the Hexa De-Age Treatment, it utilises S-Pulse technology with four frequency levels to stimulate lymphatic flow and enhance blood circulation to facilitate the drainage of fluids and toxins.

The PHA Skincell Booster in this treatment contains Gluconolactone (PHA) for gentle exfoliation, salicylic acid to deeply cleanse pores and balance sebum, and Papain to soften keratins and decongest the skin.

Try this for improved lymphatic flow, a natural skin glow, and enhanced cell turnover for healthier-looking skin. Pssst! This treatment is also Shaun Chen’s favourite!

Enjoy the treatments at a special promotional price

To celebrate the launch of the four new treatments, New York Skin Solutions is offering a special promotional price of S$48 for new customers only!

Try the new treatments at a promotional price of S$48!

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