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In an uphill battle with sensitivity, the extraction step in a facial treatment can cause the skin to become extra irritated and red after.

Whether you’re hoping to ditch a painful extraction step to avoid downtime, or are just in desperate need of alleviating your skin’s sensitivity, we’ve found the perfect treatments for you.

Check out the 10 best no-extraction facials for sensitive skin in Singapore, including one that’s priced below S$50!

Porcelain Skin ClearZ-Purity treatment

Reviewer: Jade Yeo

no extraction facial sensitive skin

If you have acne-prone and sensitive skin, then you probably don’t look forward to pain and redness that’s almost guaranteed with extraction facials.

Well, Porcelain’s new ClearZ-Purity treatment is gentle yet effective for all skin types, including sensitive skin, and is designed to cleanse and purify the skin deeply for a clearer complexion. Needless to say, I signed myself up to experience the game-changing technology first-hand.

porcelain clearz purity review skin discovery enhanced

Before the treatment began, I got a chance to try Porcelain’s new Skin Discovery Enhanced, a 30-minute skin analysis that identifies the key areas of concern, such as moisture and sebum levels, sensitivity, acne, and more.

My therapist Kyi Kyi removed my makeup before getting me to place my head in the machine, which took a few images of my complexion for a deeper analysis.

Thereafter, she pointed out three main concerns according to my skin analysis: large pores, developing UV spots, and wrinkles caused by sensitivity and dehydration – the ClearZ-Purity treatment was perfect for targeting these skin woes.

porcelain clearz purity review process

The treatment combines the reparative power of botanical ingredients and up-to-date Korean media-aesthetics technology to deeply cleanse and soothe sensitive skin.

Even though the facial prevents irritation by skipping an extraction step, that’s not to say that the treatment isn’t effective in degunking clogged pores.

Using a device with a 360° rotating tip, Kyi Kyi cleared my congested pores, allowing my skin to absorb the botanicals that followed. Though slightly uncomfortable, this step gave my skin much-needed purification without causing pain or sensitivity.

She then used a machine with a cooling tip and glided it on my skin that’s been slathered with soothing serum. This step really helped to calm the giant zit along my jawline.

Finally, the treatment ended with a premium, custom-blended mask, which she paired with a LED light therapy. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory and restorative properties, it helped to build up my skin barrier and bump up cell renewal for smoother, stronger skin.

porcelain clearz purity review before after

My skin was going through a reactive phase before I headed down for the treatment. I had to cover up beet-red areas of my face with heavy foundation. Not to mention, hormonal blemishes are even harder to conceal with their bumpy texture.

The treatment dialled down the saturation on my overall complexion and left my skin with a dewy, “glass skin”-like glow. Mount Vesuvius (a.k.a. my zit) looked a lot less angry and appeared much flatter than before.

What’s more, my acne scars didn’t look as prominent after the treatment. I highly recommend the ClearZ-Purity treatment to those with fussy skin that’s tough to appease.

First-time customers can get a 1-for-1 deal on this treatment at S$298. This includes one session of treatment(worth S$368) and one session of Skin Discovery Enhanced (worth S$75). Book an appointment here.

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Ceramique Aesthetic Clean & Active Facial Under S!

no extraction facial sensitive skin

Instead of removing your skin’s impurities using an extraction step, Ceramique Aesthetic’s Clean & Active Facial does so with a gentle peel.

The esthetician will apply an anti-bacterial peel in a thin layer over your skin to slough away your skin’s dead cells, thus restoring fresh radiance to your complexion.

With your dead cells lifted, your skin will also be prepared to better absorb the skin-loving ingredients that come after, which means you’ll reap maximum radiant skin results!

Ceramique Aesthetic Clean & Active Facial is priced at S$48 instead of S$188 on Salon Finder.

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Aesop Parsley Seed Intensive

no extraction facial sensitive skin

Aesop’s skincare products, with their minimalist apothecary packaging, herbaceous essential oil scents, and vegan formulas, instantly up the ante on indulgence in the bathroom and turn an ordinary wind-down ritual into something almost heavenly.

Well, you’ll experience a much more luxurious version of that at Aesop’s spa, which offers six customised facial treatments.

The Aesop Parsley Seed Intensive is an antioxidising facial treatment that uses products infused with parsley seed extract, known for its powerful free-radical-fighting properties.

Your sensitive skin will be strengthened to protect itself against urban pollution and Singapore’s scorching sun rays. And, it’ll give your skin a much-needed pick-me-up whilst skipping a painful extraction.

Aesop’s Parsley Seed Intensive is priced at S$150 (60 min) and S$180 (75 min). See more here.

Address: 310 Orchard Road, Level 4, Singapore 238864
Opening hours: 11am – 9.30pm (Mon to Sat) | 11am – 9pm (Sun)
Contact: 6836 4748, or email [email protected]

La Source Spa Harmonizing Lymphatic Facial

no extraction facial sensitive skin

If you’re searching for a facial that’ll give you a dewy skin glow and reduce your skin’s puffiness, La Source Spa’s Harmonizing Lymphatic Facial is the one to try.

La Source Spa is a luxurious spa that’s located within classy voco Orchard; the clean space, decorated with twisting flower arrangements and plush beds, provides an immediate retreat away from the city’s bustle.

The Harmonizing Lymphatic Facial is ideal for sensitive skin. It leaves out the extraction step but uses powerful INNI skincare products to thoroughly cleanse your skin and grant it a lit-from-within glow.

Add to that a lymphatic drainage massage to boost circulation and flush away toxins, and you’ll enjoy a truly healthy radiance – and, a more sculpted chin too.

La Source Spa Harmonizing Lymphatic Facial is priced at S$218 (75 min).
See deals on La Source Spa’s facial treatments, here.

Address: 581 Orchard Road, voco Orchard Singapore (formerly Hilton Singapore), #02-17/18 Singapore 238883
Opening hours: 10am – 7pm (Mon to Sun)
Contact: 6732 1318, or WhatsApp 9711 8707
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Kew Organics Hydra O2 Multi-Solution Facial

no extraction facial sensitive skin

Kew Organics’ goal is for its customers to achieve skin so good, clear, and healthy that they don’t need makeup for a filter-worthy glow.

Since this organic facial bar uses only skincare products that are water-based, vegan, non-GMO, certified organic, and natural, it’s a plus for those with sensitive skin.

The Hydra O2 Multi-Solution Facial is an oxygenation facial that’s suitable for dry and sensitive skin. By infusing oxygen into the skin, the facial encourages cell turnover and, in turn, boosts collagen production to give a bouncier, jello-like complexion.

Your parched skin with be quenched of its thirst without redness after – if only you remember to let your esthetician know that you want to do away with the extraction step!

Kew Organics Hydra O2 Multi-Solution Facial is priced at S$385 (90 to 120 min). See more details here.

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SG Face Collagen Facial

no extraction facial sensitive skin

SG Face offers a range of soothing facials that ramp up skin’s radiance whilst targeting skin concerns like redness, dryness, and visible pores.

The Collagen Facial, in particular, is a treatment that’s recommended for sensitive skin – and it’ll give you a complexion that’s much plumper and firmer in just one session!

SG Face’s 105-minute Collagen Facial delivers marine collagen peptides to the skin, stimulating the skin’s own collagen production; it also uses ultrasound technology to apply ingredients like Arabic gum tree extract and aloe vera, which seriously boost the skin’s moisture levels.

no extraction facial sensitive skin

Photo source: SG Face

As these ingredients are also known to be soothing on the complexion, the Collagen Facial is suitable for all skin types including highly sensitive skin. This facial typically includes extraction, but you can make a request to ditch that step and still enjoy a bouncier, collagen-enriched complexion.

SG Face Collagen Facial is priced at S$168, after promotion.

Address: 211 Holland Avenue, Holland Road Shopping Centre, #03-42, Singapore 278967 (two minutes from Holland Village MRT)
Opening hours: 10am – 8pm (Mon to Sun)
Contact: 6763 9466, 9723 5409, or email [email protected]
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Auriga Spa Anti-Pollution Facial

no extraction facial sensitive skin

Relax and unwind when you head down to Auriga Spa in Capella because the hotel spa, nestled amidst the lush Sentosa forest, offers a decadent retreat that’ll make you feel like you’re on vacation somewhere far from here.

Auriga Spa recently introduced a new anti-ageing skincare line to its moon-inspired treatments: Margy’s Monte Carlo, a Swiss skincare brand that’s unique in its biomimetic formulas – in other words, these formulations contain skin components and are suitable for even sensitive skin.

The Anti-Pollution Facial is one treatment to consider if you’re in dire need of a pick-me-up for your sensitive skin. Designed to brighten and rejuvenate skin in tropical climates (read: Singapore’s hot and humid weather), the treatment uses Margy’s Monte Carlo products, rich in actives, to do so with ease.

There’s no extraction step in this facial, so you can rest assured that you’ll emerge from this cocooned retreat with skin that’s clear and fresh.

Auriga Spa Anti-Pollution Facial is priced at S$495 (90 min). See the spa’s full menu here.

Address: 1 The Knolls, Sentosa Island, Singapore 098297
Opening hours: 9am – 9pm (Mon to Sun), with first treatment at 10am and last treatment starting at 7.30pm
Contact: 6591 5075, or email [email protected]

Pure Tincture Signature Organic Facial

no extraction facial sensitive skin

Treat your sensitive skin right with Pure Tincture’s Signature Organic Facial, which uses skincare products from brands like OSEA, Suki, Santaverde and Evolve.

The first step of this customised facial is a thorough skin analysis, where the esthetician will examine your skin, identify your skin’s needs, and design a treatment that suits you best.

Some steps in the facial include aromatherapy using essential oils, a customised serum application, and a face massage using an organic oil of your choice.

A machine-less treatment, the Signature Organic Facial is suitable even for sensitive skin – remember to let your esthetician know to skip the extraction step completely.

Address: 1 Coleman Street, # 02-35, Singapore 179803
Opening hours: 11am – 7pm (Mon to Fri) | 10am – 6pm (Sat)
Contact: 9857 7859
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Glomax Aesthetics Glo LED Light Facial

no extraction facial sensitive skin

Those with sensitive and acne-prone skin might find it difficult to find a facial treatment that fits their skin concerns, especially if an extraction triggers redness and irritation after.

If so, Glomax Aesthetics Glo LED Light Facial is a skin-saving treatment just perfect for you.

This non-invasive facial uses LED light to target various skin concerns including acne and rosacea. Blue light destroys acne-causing bacteria and promotes skin healing, while yellow light soothes sensitive skin and reduces redness.

You’ll see an improvement in your skin’s acne without needing to grit your teeth through a painful extraction step!

Glomax Aesthetics Glo LED Light Facial is priced at S$89 (30 min). See more details here.
Discover other Glomax Aesthetics deals here.

Address: 12 Eu Tong Sen Street, SOHO 2, #06-168, Singapore 059819
Opening hours: 10am – 8.30pm (Mon to Fri) | 10am – 5pm (Sat to Sun)
Contact: 6225 5193, or WhatsApp 9459 0795
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Caring Skin Probiotic Treatment

no extraction facial sensitive skin (12)

Caring Skin’s facials are designed for those with sensitive skin; the estheticians prioritise finding out the root cause of your skin’s sensitivity before customising a treatment that’ll target the issue. It’s why the spa’s facial treatments are so effective in alleviating sensitivity and allowing the skin to flaunt a healthy, renewed radiance.

The Probiotic Treatment works to reduce sensitivity by strengthening the skin’s barrier.

By applying prebiotic and probiotic ingredients, the treatment restores the balance of bacteria on your skin microbiome and improves your skin’s barrier function, helping your skin to better defend itself against environmental aggressors like pollution, UV rays, and change in temperatures.

Translation? Less sensitive skin! Let your esthetician know that you want to pass on the extraction step in the facial, and you’ll still enjoy a visible improvement in your complexion.

Caring Skin’s facials are priced between S$140 to S$480.

Address: Click here to view all five outlets
Opening hours: 11am – 9pm (Mon to Fri) | 10am – 8pm (Sat to Sun, & PH)
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Featured image credit: SG Face

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