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Daily Vanity Beauty Treatment Awards 2024!


As the #1 Beauty Media in Singapore, Daily Vanity is known for our honest reviews and trusted recommendations. In today’s world, consumers are always on the lookout for the BEST beauty services to go to, which is why we’re hosting the Daily Vanity Beauty Treatment Awards to help them discover the best. Your nominations hold the power to elevate your best services and guide fellow readers on their beauty journey.  The winner of this award will be featured on our treatment awards microsite for an entire year. You will also receive a complimentary digital badge that you can proudly display to broadcast your winning title. Before you nominate, take a moment to read the instructions below. This is your chance to put your best treatments in the spotlight!

Good luck!


What are the award tiers for 2024?

  • Editor’s Choice
  • Daily Vanity Recommends
  • Readers’ Choice
  • Social Media Favourite – Based on popularity on social media 
  • Rising Star – Only for companies registered from January 2022 onwards


  1. To help us identify the best salons and spas in the industry, please select and fill out the form with accurate and thorough details and nominate the best signature treatments that you are most proud of.
  2. One brand is allowed up to 3 nominations in total across all categories. After the nomination closes, Daily Vanity will be shortlisting the successful nominees.
  3. The list of shortlisted nominees would then be up for public voting and judging (refer to Award Tiers above for the full breakdown).
  4. Nomination closes on 26 March, Tuesday, 11:59 pm.

What does ‘accurate and thorough details’ mean?

  1. Full name of the person whom we should contact if the beauty treatment is successfully shortlisted.
  2. 8-digit Singapore contact number of the person whom we should contact if the beauty treatment is successfully shortlisted.
  3. Full name of beauty treatment (no short form) as this exact naming would be used for subsequent stages of this award.
  4. Full description of the beauty treatment; take it as how you’re promoting this treatment to a potential customer! Up to 100 words and should be in points form.
  5. URL(s) to the treatment’s page showcasing the comprehensive information, benefits, unique selling points, etc.
  6. URL(s) to reviews of the treatment: we’ll need it to be on platforms such as Google or your website
  7. UEN (Company registration number): we’ll need it to confirm your company’s eligibility for the award

Acceptance of nominations will be based solely on Daily Vanity’s discretion.

*Tip: Thorough descriptions that showcase how you stand out from others will definitely give you an edge over other nominees.

What do the 3 nominations include?

For example, Brand X is a beauty salon providing facial, nail, and slimming services. It has outlets located in Orchard and Bedok. It is entitled to nominate a maximum of 3 services across all categories.
*refer to the bottom of the page for the “categories” and “Subcategories”


Below is the table for your information, please select and fill up the form accordingly:


Available titles for nomination

  1. Best manicure
  2. Best pedicure
  3. Best nail art

Available titles for nomination

  1. Anti-ageing Hair Treatment (Treats Both Grey Hair and Thinning Hair)
  2. Anti-Dandruff Treatment
  3. Damaged Hair Treatment
  4. Grey Hair Treatment
  5. Hair Loss Treatment
  6. Hair Thinning Treatment
  7. Male Pattern Hair Loss Treatment
  8. Hair Botox
  9. Scalp Treatment

Available titles for nomination

  1. Balayage Colouring
  2. Colouring for Grey Hair Coverage
  3. Colouring/Highlighting
  4. Digital/Cold Perm
  5. Frizz Control Treatment
  6. Hair Salon Pampering Experience
  7. In-Salon Treatment
  8. Keratin Treatment
  9. Japanese Cut
  10. Korean Cut
  11. Head Spa
  12. Non-bleach Colouring
  13. Men’s Perm
  14. Volume Rebonding

Available titles for nomination

  1. Acne Facial
  2. Anti-Ageing Facial
  3. Best Bojin Facial
  4. Brightening/Whitening Facial
  5. Collagen Facial
  6. Customisable Facial
  7. Express Facial
  8. Eye Treatment
  9. Extraction Facial
  10. Gua Sha Facial
  11. Hydration Facial
  12. Japanese Facial
  13. Korean Facial
  14. Lifting Facial
  15. Medi-Facial Treatment
  16. Micro-Needling Facial
  17. Pore-Refining Facial
  18. Small Face Therapy
  19. Scar-Lightening Facial
  20. Sensitive Skin Facial

Available titles for nomination

  1. Brow Embroidery
  2. Misty/Ombre Brow Embroidery
  3. Microfeathering Brow Embroidery
  4. Microshading Brow Embroidery
  5. Brow Lamination
  6. Nanoblading Brow Embroidery
  7. Combi Brow Embroidery
  8. Korean Brow Embroidery
  9. Russian Lash Extensions
  10. YY Lash Extensions
  11. Kim K Lash Extensions
  12. Cat Eye Lash Extensions
  13. Dramatic (3D, 4D, 5D, 6D) Lash Extensions
  14. Wet Lash
  15. Natural Lash Extensions
  16. Lash Growth
  17. Lash Lift
  18. Manga Lash Extensions

Available titles for nomination

  1. Anti-Cellulite Treatment
  2. Underarm Whitening Laser
  3. Body Contouring/Sculpting Treatment
  4. Body Detox Treatment
  5. Fat Freezing Treatment
  6. Feminine Wellness Treatment
  7. Slimming Treatment
  8. TCM Slimming Treatment
  9. Bacne Treatment
  10. Bust Enhancement Treatment

Available titles for nomination

  1. Gua Sha Massage
  2. Postnatal & Pre Natal Massage
  3. Full Body Massage
  4. TCM Massage

Available titles for nomination

  1. BB Glow Treatment
  2. Brow Embroidery (Semi-Permanent)
  3. Skin Camouflage Treatment (Dark Circles)
  4. Skin Camouflage Treatment (Stretch Mark)
  5. Eyeliner Embroidery
  6. Scalp Micropigmentation Treatment
  7. Underarm Whitening Treatment
  8. Lip Embroidery

Available titles for nomination

  1. IPL Hair Removal
  2. SHR Hair Removal
  3. Waxing Hair Removal
  4. Diode Laser Hair Removal

Please direct any questions related to this award to [email protected] with the subject Daily Vanity Beauty Treatment Awards 2024 Enquiry – Company Name