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Makeup and beauty products that are disguised as other items are always fun to have and use. There’s just something cute and playful about them.

We can’t get enough of these convincing-looking items, such as Etude House’s wafer-shaped products. So when we spotted this eyeshadow palette that’s shaped like a notebook, we had to do a double-take.

Notebook Eyeshadow Exterior and Interior

While it says it’s a notebook on the cover, opening it up reveals eyeshadows instead of pages.

Comic book style illustrations are decorated alongside these eyeshadow powders, giving it a whimsical and playful vibe.

Although you might need to keep building on more layers for these colours to show, the price of these palettes is definitely worth it as they’re only S$1.90 at the time of writing.

There are three versions of this notebook eyeshadow palette, all featuring a brown-haired girl on the cover doing different activities. Each palette holds six colours in matte and shimmer finishes.

#01 Star Wish Diary

Notebook Eyeshadow Star Wish Diary

This blue notebook eyeshadow palette is like a wish come true for us as it holds none other than milk tea shades.

The pale beiges and different shades of chocolate can be used to create a subtle yet beautiful look.

#02 Travel Diary

Notebook Eyeshadow Travel Diary

Travel Diary, the peach-coloured notebook, is also one of our favourites for its pretty tan, golden, and peach shades.

You could create many dreamy and romantic looks using these gorgeous shades.

#03 Seaside Diary

Notebook Eyeshadow Seaside Diary

Dressed in a pastel green is the final notebook palette called Seaside Diary. It features golden beiges as well as oranges and browns.

A versatile palette, we can think of a few looks that you could do that would exude playful and youthful vibes.

The Notebook Eyeshadow Palette normally retails for S$6.90 on Shopee but is going at S$1.90 now at the time of writing.

Featured image credit: Shopee