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Israel is a popular pilgrimage destination. After all, several large religions see it as where their beliefs are birthed. In particular, the Sea of Galilee is seen as an important religious landmark.

For Christians, the Sea of Galilee is where many of Jesus’s miracles were performed: he was recorded in the Bible to have walked on the surface of the Sea of Galilee and also miraculously multiplied food to feed thousands near this sea. He has also, on several occasions, taught the crowds while by the shore of the Sea of Galilee and while on a boat that was on this same sea.

Olea Essence Sea Of Galilee

Sea Of Galilee

Historians have discovered that Jesus could have targeted this area to minister and perform miracles because the Sea of Galilee has often been sought out by the sick because of its reputation for healing.

But we’re not here to give you a religious study. We’re giving context to Olea Essence, a beauty brand from Israel that has just came to Singapore, which are made in Galilee, and taps into the Sea of Galilee specifically.

Psst, if you’ve researched about travelling to Israel, you might have come across visiting the Olea Essence Visitors Center as a place of interest. It is where many tourists from the USA and Singapore make a special trip there for a guided tour of the olive oil press, as well as to stock up on Olea Essence skincare products!

What is Olea Essence all about?

This all-natural brand is owned by the Talmon family and they started as an olive oil maker 20 years ago, following the lifestyle tradition of Galilee, which harvested olive oil as an anointing liquid (King David was anointed with olive oil, according to the Jews and Christians).

Olea Essence Israel Farm

The family built an olive press facility later on to develop olive-based skincare products, which they make sure are eco-responsible and fully natural.

All Olea Essence products are formulated with natural, unfiltered extra virgin olive oil, use only natural fragrances, and are free from emulsifying agents, chemicals, and preservatives. This is why fans of Olea Essence love this premium brand; they know they’re buying high quality, skin-loving and earth-loving products.

What products from Olea Essence should you try?

Olea Essence Products 1

Olea Essence carries a very comprehensive series of products ranging from skin and body care, to hair and home care (such as dish washing liquid). They also have a special line that’s catered for mothers and babies. You can practically find anything you need for yourself or as a gift from Olea Essence.

But if you’re looking to try out a few products for a start, here are three we recommend:

1. Olive Wash & Exfoliate for Face

Olea Essence Olive Wash Edited
This is 3-in-1 wash, scrub, and toner is a hot favourite among men and women alike. Formulated with crushed olive pits to exfoliate skin gently but thoroughly, this facial wash leaves skin feeling supple and moisturised. You’ll also see a glow in your complexion after regular use. We think this is a crowd-pleaser that most first-time users will enjoy!

Psst, they also have the Olive Wash Exfoliate for Hands and Body, which has a similar formula with different crushed olive pits size to care for your body!

2. Rejuvenating Olive Face Mask

Olea Essence Rejuvenating Face Mask

This multi-vitamin and antioxidant-rich treatment can be used once a week to deliver multiple benefits. It contains dry red wine, which boosts microcirculation, as well as natural olive and plant oils to hydrate skin deeply. The mask is also able to deeply cleanse, clear complexion, rejuvenate, disinfect, and calm skin. The instant results it delivers makes it a bestseller.

There are two versions of this mask for different skin types to choose from: Dry & Normal Skin and Oily Skin.

3. Rehabilitation Skin Cream

Olea Essence Rehab Cream

This product may be found in the Mother & Baby line but fans of the brand are smart enough to notice that it’s a multi-purpose cream that resolves a series of issues. This calming cream is natural first-aid cream that is able to soothe and help heal skin that is itchy, scalded, bitten by insect, has rashes or irritation. People who suffer from eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, and seborrhea have used it and find that it improves their skin’s condition.

Seeing is believing

Now that you know all about this new, promising brand, give the products a try to find out for yourself what the hype is all about.


Olea Essence is also available at Isetan Scotts, Isetan Katong, Takashimaya Level 3, Mount Alvernia Retail Pharmacy, Robinsons at The Heeren

If you have the chance to visit Israel, check out its visitors centers located at Qatsrin and Ein Gev to learn even more about the brand’s story.

This article was brought to you by Olea Essence.