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We’re warning you beforehand: don’t be alarmed when you first squeeze out the product from the new ORBIS Care-na Hot Cool Gel just because it’s black. Before you raise the alarm about how weird it feels spreading a black gel on your face, you have to hear all about the innovative technology behind this product.

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As the name suggests, the ORBIS Care-na Hot Cool Gel is actually going to have both heating and cooling sensations on your face, giving you an easy mini facial in the comfort of your own home. Curious yet?! We sure were!

Why is it both hot and cold?

The aim of the game for the ORBIS Care-na Hot Cool Gel is to help you remove stubborn blackheads and whiteheads gently. Traditional extraction does something similar, but it may be too harsh for some of us, leading to enlarged pores and skin stress.

Apply the gel only to areas of your face with congested pores, or with more whiteheads and blackheads. The gel should warm up gently on your skin. Remember the warm steamer that helps you enlarge your pores before extraction during facial treatments? That’s exactly what this gel is meant to simulate, except in a much gentler and more comfortable sort of way.

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As your pores open, ingredients in the gel are able to penetrate into the deeper layers of the pores, adsorbing onto gunk and impurities (psst, “adsorbing” isn’t a typo, it refers to the action of the gel holding onto these impurities firmly!), which take them away when you wash the gel off.

Massage the gel in circular motions around your problem areas for about 5 to 10 seconds before rinsing it off. At this time, the initial warmth from the gel will turn into a cooling sensation that helps to close the pores after cleansing is done, and to leave you feeling clean and refreshed.

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Use this as a pore treatment gel once or twice weekly for best results!

But… why is it black?

In order to deal with stubborn impurities and grime stuck deep within our pores, ORBIS actually incorporated twice the amount of Charcoal Powder in the renewed formula of the Care-na Hot Cool Gel, which explains its black colour.

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Charcoal has always been known to be a powerful adsorbent of toxins – it’s even popularly used in gastric medicines! We can imagine how much more powerful it could be in removing the dirt that’s accumulated over time in our pores.

In addition to Charcoal Powder, the Care-na Hot Cool Gel uses three types of exfoliating scrubs to loosen and remove hardened sebum.

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Hyaluronic Acid and Permeable Collagen were added to the formula to moisturise the skin and prevent the dry tightness that you might commonly experience with other blackhead-removing products. It’s also much gentler! Plus, it contains Hamamelis Leaf Extract to firm and tone the skin over time too.

DV says: One of our team members bought the ORBIS Care-na Hot Cool Gel for herself and tried it. “It really works!” Angela said. “I had a few congested pores on my chin. When I applied the gel, the area warmed up as I massaged it in for 15 seconds. After rinsing, my skin had a very nice, cooling sensation. The problem areas also felt significantly smoother after that!”

Are you curious yet?

Try out this unique technology in the ORBIS Care-na Hot Cool Gel for yourself today!

orbis care na hot cool gel

ORBIS Care-na Hot Cool Gel is now available at SGD 23 for 60g on the ORBIS website and at all ORBIS stores and counters.

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