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For most of us, OSIM is our one-stop-shop for healthy living products. From massage chairs to air purifiers and treadmills, the brand has plenty of wellness products that are tailored to our needs. This time, however, they’re adding a new beauty line to their repertoire.

Presenting to you their latest launch, the OSIM uGlow Beauty Series!

From cleansing to repairing and restoring, the range features four different products to use alongside your existing skincare regimen, so you can attain that glow in no time.

1. uGlow Cleanse – Facial Cleansing Brush

Osim Uglow Cleanse

Unsure if you’re washing your face correctly? Not to worry. The uGlow Cleanse is your first step to a good cleansing routine. When paired with your facial cleanser, it helps to sweep away dirt and makeup residue.

The cleansing brush is equipped with thicker silicone bristles on the top that target your T-zone, while the finer bristles work on the rest of your face. You can also toggle between three different intensities to customise your cleaning experience.

What’s more, the back of the brush comes with an LED light that reduces oil, inflammation and kills acne-causing bacteria. On the bottom, there’s a chrome-finish ball to soothe tense facial muscles and increase skincare absorption.

2. uGlow IonCare – Galvanic Facial Device

Osim Uglow Ioncare

If you feel like surface-cleansing isn’t doing it for you, then transition into a deeper cleanse with the Galvanic Facial Device.

Draw out skin-deep impurities with the Cleanse program, and follow up with your favourite essence, serum, or toner to feed your skin with their Nourish program. Designed to push skincare ingredients deeper into the skin, the device helps you maximise the benefits of any skincare product.

3. uGlow Eye – Beauty Eye Massager

Osim Uglow Eye

Far too often, we fail to protect the delicate tissue around our eyes, which can be the first few places on the face to show fine lines and wrinkles. With this device, however, you now have a dedicated eye massager that targets your major eye concerns: eye bags, wrinkles, or dark eye circles.

Built with Sonic Vibration Technology, the device emits more than 8000 pulses per minute to help your eye cream absorb better. On top of that, there’s a LED light therapy option to firm up the eyes and improve blood circulation. You can even use it along your temples to alleviate headaches!

4. uGlow Mist – Portable Facial Humidifier

Osim Uglow Mist

A portable… what? You read that right. No longer constricted to the bulky device you might have at home, the uGlow Mist hydrates your skin on the go. By delivering a cool, fine mist, the device adds extra hydration to your skin after you moisturise, countering dry skin as well as preventing a loss of elasticity in the long run.

Compact and lightweight, the humidifier also doubles as a portable charger, so you can charge your mobile device or other uGlow products whenever you want.

 uGlow Beauty Series Set is available for S$279 (UP S$536) at OSIM.