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Any one who has experimented with eye shadows before would know that some of them can create a huge mess. Many eye shadows have powdery formulas, which means when you tap them on your eyelids, the powder could disintegrate and fall on to your under-eye area, or even your cheek bones.

Not Wearable Eye Makeup_Foil Eyeshadow

There are many ways to deal with or avoid this whole mess, but we found beauty YouTuber Chloe Morello‘s method the most intriguing. She uses pantiliners as shadow guards!

pantiliner hack 1


Yes, you read that right. Chloe uses strips cut out from a pantiliner as emergency eye shadow guards.

pantiliner hack 3

She uses the brand U by Kotex

If you are in an urgent position and you need shadow guards, because you’re doing a super crazy black smokey eye or something that’s going to cause a lot of fall-out, then you can use sanitary liners.

pantiliner hack 4

Some YouTube commenters did respond, saying that using these pantiliners for such a comparatively unnecessary purpose was wasteful and bad for the environment.

Chloe acknowledged this, and said:

I try to use it only when absolutely necessary, and once I’ve used them, I stick them to the inside of a drawer so I can use them again later – for makeup purposes, of course!

pantiliner hack 6

Does it work?

We hate to say it but: yes. Yes, it does.

pantiliner hack 8

With the pantiliners as shadow guards, Chloe manages to create a very clean, crisp line along the slant of her eye. Furthermore, since pantiliners are much less stickier than adhesive tape, it will also tug on your skin less when you remove them.

Like Chloe has already said, it’s also possible to reuse these if you really want to.

Should you try it?

We agree with those YouTube comments in that using feminine hygiene products for non-vital purposes is indeed not friendly to the environment, especially when most of them are non-biodegradable.

Furthermore, there are other less wasteful ways of catching eyeshadow fall-out: use a piece of adhesive tape, but tap it a few times on the back of your hand to make it less sticky before lining it along the slant of your eye. You could also use a name card as a stencil for your eye shadow as well.

pantiliner hack name card alternative

An even simpler way is simply to change up your makeup sequence, as many YouTubers do: complete your eye makeup first, so that you can easily use a makeup wipe or micellar water to clean up any mess on the rest of your face, before proceeding to do your foundation and the rest of your look.

See this hack in action!

Chloe shows us the hack at the timestamp 1:09 in the video.