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Type “peach nails” in the search bar on Pinterest and you’ll discover a myriad of peach-coloured manicured nails, from vibrant peachy pinks to light tangerine orange shades. But these are nothing quite like the “peach tea” nails that we’ve come across on the social media platform, the Little Red Book.

The “peach tea” nails that we describe flaunt beautiful ombré tones that are any combination of darker tangerines, pale pinks, and even a refreshing hint of spring greens, all of which point to fresh fuzzy fruits and ice-cold cups of peach tea!

To top it off, these nails have sheer hues and a jelly-like texture, lending all the more to a fruity peach blend. Read on, because we share our favourite “peach tea” nail looks and how you can wear them yourself!

Peachiest “peach tea” nail looks

Peachy peach tea nails

peach tea nails

Photo source: 空尼几哇./Xiao Hong Shu

A single peachy pink hue is not enough to make us think of fruity, thirst-quenching peach tea. However, this blend of dusty pink and tangerine orange makes the perfect fruit tea concoction, even for a manicure.

Fresh peach tea nails

peach tea nails

Photo source: 一枝小鹿/Xiao Hong Shu

The beautiful creamy pink ombré already gives 10/10 peach tea vibes.

Add to that the small clear beads and the manicure takes on an even more refreshing twist. They recall the cool drops of water that slide down a cup on a hot summer’s day.

Plainest peach tea nails

peach tea nails

Photo source: 矞子酱

These nails are pretty as a peach, plain as day. It boasts a simple gradient from milky pink to ripe, juicy peachy pink – just like the colours of this fuzzy fruit.

Juicy peach tea nails

peach tea nails

Photo source: ​​小学梨

Peach season is when the weather is warm and the peaches are at their juiciest, plumpest, and sweetest. That’s when the peaches take on a ripe reddish pinkish hue or deeper peachy tangerine tones, like the colours in this peach tea manicure.

Daisy-dancing peach tea nails

peach tea nails

Photo source: 猫儿不吃草

The peach and daisy emoji together give the ultimate summertime mood, as do these graceful nails that show off the loveliest, translucent peach tea gradient and delicate daisies that decorate it.

Milk peach tea nails

peach tea nails

Photo source: 江酱

Take two of our favourite bubble tea options – fruity peach tea and creamy milk tea – and put them together, and you’ll get a delicious milk peach tea blend. This manicure uses a peachy pink polish (pink with orange undertones) and a milk-white one to create a yummy milk peach tea gradient.

Frosty peach tea nails

peach tea nails

Photo source: 猫儿不吃草

Besides sunny, ripe summer, peaches also remind us of cool, sweet treats like fruity frosted cakes, canned peaches, and – yes, iced peach tea. This peach tea manicure features a sprinkling of shiny white pearls too, which almost look like chewy boba.

Sweetheart peach tea nails

peach tea nails (20)

Photo source: 八九不离十

As if this manicure’s pale pink to rosy red ombré isn’t stunning enough, it also features little hearts stamped onto the middle of each nail. The glossy, jelly-like texture of the peach tea nails makes each heart look slightly raised – it’s the ultimate sweetheart manicure.

Starry peach tea nails

peach tea nails

Photo source: 太腻Niii

Bring a sheer shimmer to your peach tea nails with a jelly glitter polish. It’ll look like peach tea that’s been freshly poured into a cup: the glitter mimics the tiny air bubbles that rise up like laughter underneath the ice.

Seems-like-summer peach tea nails

peach tea nails

Photo source: CandyMoyo/Xiao Hong Shu

These peach tea nails depart from the usual pinkish shades with fresh, vibrant orange hues. Painted only over the ends of the nails, the zesty tangerine ombré recalls a child’s fingers dipped happily in peach jam – a perfect picture of summer.

Plus, the cute peach patterns against a white base make a statement design that’s the cherry (or should we say peach) on top of this cheerful manicure.

Touch-of-tangerine peach tea nails

peach tea nails

Photo source: G88818/Xiao Hong Shu

Slice open a pink peach and you’ll discover its orange centre: juicy, sweet, and ready to be bitten into.

This peach tea manicure captures the sweetness of the fleshy fruit with the light tangerine shade on one nail, and a strawberry-pink mingled with mango-orange gradient on the rest of the nails.

Minty peach tea nails

peach tea nails

Photo source: 是仙贝_

Light green and pink come together like caterpillars and butterflies, fresh peaches and their leafy branches, or… ice-cold peach tea topped with a sprig of mint.

How to create ombré “peach tea” nails

There are several ways that you create an ombré “peach tea” nail design on your own at home, one of which is by using the sponge technique.

The sponge technique involves applying a nail polish base of your choice – for “peach tea” nails, it could be a light pinkish hue – and then creating a gradient by tapping another nail polish onto the tips of the nails using a sponge.


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Step 1: Paint a light pink base colour, and let it dry

Step 2: Apply a deeper rosy, tangerine, or peachy pink nail polish onto the makeup sponge (or wedge)

Step 3: Use the sponge to tap and create your ombré gradient. If you have to apply more layers, let the polish dry between each layer too.

Step 4: Apply a clear top coat


Best “peach tea” nail polishes to get

3CE Nail Lacquer Mood For Blossom Edition

peach tea nails

Korean brand 3CE’s Nail Lacquer in the Mood For Blossom edition boasts beautiful peach and pink colours that’ll help you create the perfect set of “peach tea” nails.

The nail polishes have a jelly texture and dry to give a glossy finish, so you can wear a K-style translucent manicure.

3CE Nail Lacquer Mood For Blossom Edition retails for S$10.98 per bottle on Yesstyle.

Chantilly Ducato Natural Nail Color

peach tea nails

Chantilly’s Ducato polishes come in an impressive range of romantic shades, including a plethora of pale peachy pinks to milky beige colours. They also give a translucent jelly-like finish, so your “peach tea” nails will look ultra-glossy, sheer, and good enough to eat!

Chantilly Ducato Natural Nail Color retails for S$15.29 per bottle on Yesstyle.

Holika Holika Piece Matching Nails Lacquer

peach tea nails

Holika Holika’s Piece Matching Nails Lacquer come in 28 gorgeous colours and give high-gloss and colour payoff – one brush and you’ll see a vibrant, opaque hue.

For your “peach tea” nails, we recommend choosing any combination of the shades Rose Ribbon, Skin Pink Tee, Salmon Sushi, and Flamingo. This prettiest range of dusty rose to energetic peachy hues is just what you need to paint your own “peach tea” manicure right at home!

Holika Holika Piece Matching Nails Lacquer retails for S$6.54 per bottle on Yesstyle.

Nature Republic Color & Nature Nail Color

peach tea nails

Reviewers have described Nature Republic’s pink and rose nail polishes as giving a “my nails but better” look, simply because the shades are so natural.

These nail polishes are slightly sheer and translucent, which is ideal for a jelly-texture manicure, but if you prefer bolder, more vibrant shades, then all you need to do is paint on several layers.

With seven light pink to dusty rouge colours to choose from, you’ll easily land on the right shades for your “peach tea” manicure.

Nature Republic Color & Nature Nail Color retails for S$7.71 per bottle on Yesstyle.

Nail salons to visit for a “peach tea” manicure

EA Nail

peach tea nails

Located a stone’s throw away from Tanjong Pagar MRT station, EA Nail is a cosy nail salon that offers excellent manicure and pedicure services that are priced from S$30 to S$150. Show the nail artists the design of your choice, and they’ll be able to recreate it beautifully on your nails.

Address: 8 Enggor Street, #01-01, Singapore 079718
Opening hours: 11am – 8pm (Tue to Sat) | Closed on Mon & Sun
Contact: Call or WhatsApp 9278 8891
Website | Facebook

Summer Nail Services

peach tea nails

Summer Nail Services is a nail salon tucked away at Tanjong Pagar, with manicures and pedicures priced between S$12 and S$78. The salon creates gorgeous ombré nails, and we’ve spotted both horizontal and vertical gradient designs in photos on their social media.

If you want cute patterns on your “peach tea” nails, then top up S$20 for a full set of nail art.

Address: 79 Anson Road, Core Collective, Level 21, Singapore 079906
Opening hours: 11am – 8pm (Mon to Fri) | 11am – 7pm (Sun)
Contact: 8837 8668, or email [email protected]
Website | Facebook

Nail Queen

peach tea nails

Far East Plaza is home to many hidden gems, and Nail Queen is one of them!

Nail Queen does manicures and pedicures, including bridal and festive designs, at prices that range from S$12 to S$98. They also do beautiful, intricate 2D and 3D nail art priced from S$3 onwards.

Check out their salon menu here and their social media for the latest promotions.

Address: 14 Scotts Road, Far East Plaza, #04-88, Singapore 228213
Opening hours: 11am – 9pm (Mon to Fri) | 11am – 8pm (Sat to Sun)
Contact: 8742 5789, or email [email protected]
Facebook | Instagram

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