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You might be familiar with peel-off masks. Yes, the type that applies as a gel and then dries down to adhere snugly on your skin so that you can peel it off and remove blackheads and other gunk while doing so.

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A 22-year-old woman, Genella Pabianes Carabbacan, from the Philippines has recently tried a charcoal peel-off mask only to end up ripping off her eyebrows along with it. This incident is immortalised in a video taken by her brother, and Carabbacan is seen crying.

Check out the video here:

It is not clear from the video which product she was using, but Carabbacan said that there are instructions on the product that advised against smearing the gel over hair and eyebrows. She told the Daily mail that she “should have read the instructions”.

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The young woman also told the publication that now that time has passed, she is seeing humour in the situation.

“It was funny, and emotional. But it was more down to my stupidity,” she told the Daily Mail.

In order for (what was left of) her brows to grow out more evenly, Carabbacan shaved everything off. However, several beauty companies have reached out to her to offer microblading and threading services, after the video has gone viral.

“The lesson is to always check and research cosmetics before using them,” she told the Daily Mail of what she learnt from this incident.

Okay, we know how scary that video had looked. Here’s something pretty to soothe your nerves!