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On a scale of irritating to excruciatingly painful, chapped lips are certainly the bane of all our existences, especially when we’re trying to carry out our usual daily activities.

Even though Singapore does not have the dry and cold weather that is usually responsible for the havoc on our lips, the current pandemic has made some of us rather familiar with this ailment. Not only is it painful, but a parched pout looks even more terrible when we put on any sort of lipstick.

This is probably why Peterson’s Lab Anti Wrinkle Lip Cream has been making rounds on China’s social media platforms for its ultra-moisturising properties and revolutionary tightening effect on deep lip lines.

What does it do?

Source: @iiius

Formulated by Chinese cosmetic company, Lifelong Research (毕生之研), the Anti Wrinkle Lip Cream is made with hydrating and regenerative ingredients to reduce lip wrinkles and brighten lip colour. It has a creamy texture that immediately melts and absorbs to nourish and repair chapped lips.

Its efficacy has become so apparent that many users have been raving about it online, deeming it a “must-have” for those with dry, chapped lips as they saw immediate results the next morning.

Core ingredients

Unlike most traditional lip products that use petroleum jelly, the Anti Wrinkle Lip Cream contains a blend of ingredients found in facial essences such as DPHP, Eurol® BT (olive leaf extract), and VC-IP. These promise anti-wrinkle and moisturising benefits that will keep your pout smooth and radiant at all times.

Its formula also features coffee as one of its core ingredients to help brighten lips. Users also enjoyed its subtle coffee scent!

On top of that, this product is free from preservatives, alcohols, fragrances, colourings, SLS, and soaps.

How to use it

Take an appropriate amount of lip cream on your fingers and spread it evenly on your lips.

Apply it thinly during the day as a lip balm or primer for lipstick and lay it on thick like a lip mask before going to bed at night.

Where you can buy it

Peterson’s Lab Anti Wrinkle Lip Cream retails for S$12.46 on Taobao.

Featured Image Credits: Haxaki (Left); RED (Right)