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For a long time, trichologists know what nutrients are required to boost hair growth and reduce hair fall. In fact, ask anyone in the hair or scalp care industry and chances are they could explain what a hair cycle is like, causes of excessive hair fall, and the nutrients that a scalp needs to encourage denser hair.

But why is it that there are still limitations in hair growth treatments available?

The reason is because the science available previously hasn’t been able to address two things: how to trigger a response right from the stem cells (these are the primary cells where all cells originate from) and the inability to process ingredients right down to nano sizes in order for them to better penetrate into the scalp.

Finally, a treatment that works

Miracle Stem Cell Solution PHS 1

This was until the development of the Miracle Stem Cell Solution, a scalp treatment by PHS HAIRSCIENCE, came into the picture.

This treatment is the science-backed brainchild of a team of Korean bio-scientists, trichologists, and dermatologists and it took them 20 years of research to complete.

Basing its science on the latest stem cell research, Miracle Stem Cell Solution uses a patented cell signalling technology to revive the follicles of the hair.

Besides tapping on stem cell technology to deliver a cell repair strategy right from its stem, the treatment also infuses a potent cocktail of ingredients – in nano sizes – that can penetrate deeply into the scalp.

Miracle Stem Cell Solution PHS ingredients

The ingredients used in the treatment include growth factors, peptides, cytokines, antioxidants, vitamins, and DHT blockers – all of which scientifically proven to be successful and effective in improving hair loss and grey hair.

In fact, the clinical result for the Miracle Stem Cell Solution is so successful, it’s been proven to be 50% more effective in maximising hair growth when it was compared to a commonly prescribed drug for hair loss, yet without any side effects. Yes, we had a pleasant shock hearing this!

It is no wonder the Miracle Stem Cell Solution has won the Best Hair Loss Treatment (Editor’s Choice) at the Daily Vanity Beauty Treatment Awards 2022. Its science-backed solutions and results certainly spoke for itself.

What to expect at the Miracle Stem Cell Solution treatment

A patented treatment that’s only offered at PHS HAIRSCIENCE, this takes only 45 minutes to complete and while results vary from individual to individual depending on genetics, severity, and frequency of treatment, those who have tried it reported results as early as two months into the treatment.

Miracle Stem Cell Solution PHS scan

You’ll first go through a thorough hair scan so that the therapists at PHS HAIRSCIENCE can have a clear understanding of your hair and scalp conditions. The photos taken at the scan can also help you and your therapist track your progress.

phs hairscience 2

You’ll be ushered to the cosy treatment area at PHS HAIRSCIENCE, where a Scalp Balancing Solution will first be administered.

This isn’t just a regular cleansing routine (different from what you experience at a normal hair salon!) but uses products and techniques to ensure that excess sebum is removed from the scalp while its pH level is balanced in preparation for the treatment.

Miracle Stem Cell Solution PHS 2

Next, you’ll go through the Pure Oxy Jet Spray treatment. Oxygen helps to improve blood circulation and activate growth at a cellular level, which in turn promotes hair growth. At the same time, it has an anti-inflammatory effect on the scalp so those who suffer from a red, itchy scalp will find this step beneficial too.

Miracle Stem Cell Solution PHS oxy infusion

At the heart of the treatment is the Oxy Infusion Spray of PHS HAIRSCIENCE MIRACLE STEM CELL SOLUTION. This is where a cocktail of potent follicle-repairing ingredients is infused deeply into the scalp.

Miracle Stem Cell Solution PHS 3

Then, the Hyperbaric Oxy Infusion therapy steps it up by infusing 95% pure oxygen into the deeper layers of the scalp to further oxygenate into deeper layers of the scalp, delivering the treatment solutions to the hair bulb and dermal papilla area.

Finally, you’ll end your session with a scalp and head massage, which isn’t just relaxing but also allows the nutrients infused to continue to work its potency on the scalp while stimulating hair growth.

Results to look forward to

Trying the Miracle Stem Cell Solution for the first time? Enjoy the first-trial price of just S$68 (U.P. S$415)!

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