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Pink and brown are two colours that make a gorgeous combination. Sweet and neutral, the combination is what makes a lipstick shade truly versatile.

This is why we’re ecstatic to introduce a new “milk tea” lipstick we found.

Photo source: @啵啵POPPY/Xiao Hong Shu

Netizens were reminded of a refreshing cup of pink cactus pearl milk tea, hence the name they gave it. And true enough, it has a finish that reminds us of smooth, glistening pink cactus pearls. It also has notes of pink and brown to remind us of the thirst-quenching blend.

Photo source: @Ttfairy_/Xiao Hong Shu

But enough teasing! The lippie is none other than the CHANEL Rouge Allure L’Extrait in the shade #812 Beige Brut.

With the perfect balance of pink and brown, this satin lipstick suits practically any occasion.

Photo source: @Ttfairy_/Xiao Hong Shu

A gorgeous colour isn’t the only thing you’ll be getting out of this lipstick. Its formula features ume flower extract and plant waxes, which will moisturise and protect your lips from drying or flaking.

Photo source: @Ttfairy_/Xiao Hong Shu

Take its black case off and you’ll see that it takes on a slender form for a more precise application.

CHANEL Rouge Allure L’Extrait in shade #812 Beige Brut retails for S$73, available at Chanel.

Featured image credit: @啵啵POPPY/Xiao Hong Shu and @Ttfairy_/Xiao Hong Shu