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Last week, we saw the Asia-only launch of Anessa-Pokémon sunscreens that featured six of the classic Pocket Monsters on the packaging. Just when we thought our bank balances are safe, we discovered yet another of the franchise’s cosmetic collab and it comes in the form of this Pokémon lip balm collection!

Best part? You can cop all five variants easily because the collection is available in Singapore!

Manufactured by a Japanese cosmetic brand called Creer Beaute, the Pokémon lip balm collection is originally sold in Japan and Taiwan by convenience store chain FamilyMart.

This time around, five delightful Pocket Monsters take the spotlight in the lip balm collection: Pikachu, Eevee, Snorlax, Mew, and Alcremie. The design is instantly recognisable, as the product is shaped like a Pokéball with the lip balm inside and a Pokémon perched on top.

It’s not just the design that caught our eyes – the scent that accompanies the Pokémon seems to have been thoughtfully selected to match each character too!

pokemon lip balm collection open

Photo source: Beauty Source/Instagram

The face of Pokémon, Pikachu comes with a zesty citrus scent that’s perfectly fitting for the electric mouse while Eevee will nourish your lips while leaving behind a fragrant floral scent. Meanwhile, you can calm your senses with Snorlax which boasts a relaxing chamomile-scented formula.

If you’re a fan of the original video games (or Pokémon Go), you should be familiar with the elusive Mew. Here, you certainly won’t encounter that level of difficulty getting your hands on the mythical creature’s lip balm, which comes with a fresh forest scent (harking back to Mew’s origins in which it was first discovered in, you guessed it, a forest).

Last but certainly not least is Alcremie, which was only introduced in 2019 so those who grew up playing the original video games may not be familiar with this cutie. To stay true to the whipping cream-based character, the lip balm is infused with a sweet vanilla scent – yummy!

If you’re ready to cop your favourite Pokémon lip balm and take your cosmetic game to the next level, here’s where you can snag all of them! We found a merchant on Shopee, where you can place your order for the Creer Beaute Pokémon lip balm collection, which retails for S$29.27 a pop.