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In the quest for long, luscious locks, we’re always on the lookout for new hair growth remedies, perhaps ones that we can concoct ourselves to save us some cash.

Well, one such trend that’s making waves in the beauty community is creating DIY rosemary water for hair growth. Yup, rosemary has been a hot topic of conversation on TikTok recently – and not because of its aromatic fragrance.

Those who swear by this hack claim that it acts as a “steroid for hair loss,” promoting stronger and thicker hair. But is it as miraculous as TikTok says it is, and is it actually safe for the scalp?

Why the DIY Rosemary Water Hack Is Trending


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The DIY rosemary water hack involves creating a homemade solution by steeping rosemary leaves in hot water. This mixture is then applied to the scalp and hair, with the belief that it can stimulate hair growth, reduce hair loss, and improve overall hair health.


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Alternatively, TikTokers are taking an easier, quicker route by mixing drops of rosemary essential oil with water, dispensing that concoction into a spray bottle for convenient application.

Rosemary extract or oil, is said to possess antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, making it an attractive choice for those seeking a natural remedy.

It is said that rosemary stimulates blood circulation in the scalp, which may help deliver essential nutrients and oxygen to hair follicles, promoting healthier hair growth.

Additionally, its antimicrobial properties could potentially combat scalp conditions that inhibit hair growth, such as dandruff and fungal infections.

Is the Hack As Safe as TikTok Says It Is?

is rosemary water scalp spray safe

While the DIY rosemary water trend may seem tempting, it is crucial to approach it with caution. The preparation of this DIY recipe can sometimes be hazardous, as people have reported experiencing scalp irritation after trying this hack.

TikToker @jasane, who posted a video about jumping on the rosemary bandwagon, has since updated in her comments section to say that the rosemary water hack irritated her scalp.

Rosemary extract or oil, when used undiluted or in excessive amounts, can cause sensitisation and allergic reactions, leading to redness, itching, and even skin inflammation. It is important to remember that every individual’s scalp is unique, and what works for one person may not work for another.

While the DIY rosemary water trend is indeed enticing, offering a natural solution to combat hair loss and promote hair growth. However, caution must be exercised when using this homemade remedy. It’s important to note that more research is needed when it comes to rosemary too.

When delving into DIY formulations, it’s also crucial to consider several factors, such as the extra effort involved in brewing your leaves as well as the quality of the ingredients you’re using.

Most of these DIY mixtures do not contain any preservatives, which impacts the formulation, and therefore, your scalp health too.

A Safer Alternative That Works and Offers Even More Benefits

If you’ve been struggling with hair loss, consider this safer alternative: Bee Choo Origin Signature Herbal Treatment.

Bee Choo Origin Signature Herbal Treatment

It not only gets to the root of the problem (pun intended), but it also targets dandruff, an oily scalp, or white and grey hair, making it a superior and comprehensive solution for your hair and scalp woes.

What Sets This Hair and Scalp Treatment Apart From Others?

It Harnesses the Power of 100% Natural Herbs

One of the key factors that set Bee Choo Origin Signature Herbal Treatment apart is its use of a 100% natural unique herb-based formulation.

Unlike many commercial hair treatments that rely on synthetic chemicals, Bee Choo Origin employs a carefully crafted blend of herbs that include He Shou Wu, Ginseng, Dang Gui, Ling Zhi, and herbal leaves.

These ingredients have long been known for their remarkable properties when it comes to promoting healthy hair and scalp.

He Shou Wu, for example, is renowned for its ability to enhance hair growth and reduce premature greying. Meanwhile, Ginseng is known to stimulate hair follicles and improve blood circulation to the scalp, which can lead to healthier hair growth.

The unique blend of these herbs ensures a comprehensive approach to hair and scalp health.

Freshly Made Herbal Cream

Another great aspect of Bee Choo Origin Signature Herbal Treatment is the production process of their Herbal Cream.

You’ll be pleased to know that Bee Choo Origin makes their Herbal Cream fresh in their factory in Singapore every week. The adherence to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards demonstrates their commitment to quality and safety.

By using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients, Bee Choo Origin ensures that every batch of their Herbal Cream is made to perfection. This approach guarantees that you receive the most effective formula possible during each hair treatment, prioritising your safety and well-being.

Effectively Treats Various Scalp Issues

Bee Choo Origin Signature Herbal Treatment spray

Bee Choo Origin Signature Herbal Treatment is a versatile solution that caters to a wide range of scalp and hair issues.

Whether you’re struggling with hair loss, dandruff, an itchy or oily scalp, or the appearance of white or grey hair, this treatment has you covered. The unique formulation effectively targets these problems and provides a holistic approach to scalp health.

One of the critical steps in promoting healthy hair growth is ensuring that your scalp is free from clogs and residue, and the treatment helps you achieve just that by unclogging pores and removing unwanted debris from your delicate scalp.

This process enhances the absorption rate of essential nutrients, creating an ideal environment for hair growth and preventing further hair loss.

The Signature Herbal Treatment also assists in rebalancing the pH level on your scalp. After all, an optimal pH balance is crucial for maintaining a nutrient-filled environment that is conducive to healthy hair growth.

By promoting this balance, the treatment addresses the root causes of many hair and scalp issues, ensuring a more lasting and effective solution.

Enjoy a Coloured or Colourless Treatment

Bee Choo Origin Signature Herbal Treatment mask

Bee Choo Origin understands that not everyone wants to change the colour of their hair while seeking hair and scalp improvements. That’s why they offer their Signature Herbal Treatment in two options: Coloured and Colourless.

  • Coloured: If you have white, grey, or light-coloured hair and wish to add a touch of vibrancy, the Coloured option is for you. This treatment may impart a reddish-orange shade to your hair, though the results can vary from individual to individual.
  • Colourless: If you prefer to maintain your original hair colour while enjoying the same scalp benefits, the Colourless option is a perfect choice. You can revitalise your hair and scalp without altering its natural hue.

Bee Choo Origin Signature Herbal Treatment: See the Results for Yourself

For those seeking a natural, effective, and budget-friendly solution for hair concerns, Bee Choo Origin Signature Herbal Treatment is one you ought to consider.

bee choo origin signature herbal treatment before and after 1

After eight weeks of consistent use, one delighted client expressed her satisfaction with the treatment. She raved about the natural ingredients used in the formulation, highlighting the treatment’s effectiveness in promoting fuller hair growth.

I love that the treatment is natural, it’s very effective and affordable. Will definitely continue with it on a monthly basis!” – Ms Wee

bee choo origin signature herbal treatment before and after 2

Another satisfied customer attests to the transformative effects of the Signature Herbal Treatment. In just seven sessions, she noticed significant improvements in her scalp condition.

Previously plagued by a scaly and irritated scalp, she now enjoys a clear and healthy result, a testament to the treatment’s efficacy in addressing diverse scalp issues.

I noticed improvements from my second treatment. To date, my scalp condition is controlled and I’ve lesser hair loss as well!” – Mdm Low

Where to Try Bee Choo Origin Signature Herbal Treatment

Bee Choo Origin Signature Herbal Treatment is priced from S$40. View the hair length price list here and and book your appointment here

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