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History was made on 27 April 2024 when Eczema Support Group Singapore (ESGS) collaborated with Ego Pharmaceuticals Singapore, the manufacturer of skincare brand QV, to host the largest gathering of people with eczema, breaking records in the Singapore Book of Records.

QV Bare it All

Ms Ursula Soh, Founder of ESGS, summed up the event with a heartwarming quote: “The event titled ‘Bare It All’ is about uniting eczema warriors together as a community to celebrate true beauty that goes beyond the surface.

The aim is to empower each other on our journey of battling eczema, flares, psoriasis, and more because our skin tells a unique story of strength and self-love.”

ESGS is a community sharing group on Facebook that provides a safe space for people with eczema to share and learn more about the skin condition they and many others battle.

An Overwhelming Turnout

QV Bare it All

While they only expected 300 members to turn up at the event, an overwhelming 457 people, including healthcare professionals, attended the event. Medical speakers were also present to share about effective eczema management.

Ms Tin Pei Ling, Member of Parliament representing MacPherson SMC, has always pushed for subsidised medical fees for chronic skin conditions like eczema.

Unlike psoriasis, a chronic skin condition already covered under Medisave, eczema is a broad-spectrum skin condition that is harder to define yet not any less uncomfortable than the former.

For that, she strongly believes eczema requires equal medical intervention and assures the crowd that plans for greater medical and financial support are underway.

Sharing From Medical Speakers

QV Bare it All

An impressive lineup of medical speakers from different fields shared their insights on the condition. Dr Koh Hong Yi, Consultant Dermatologist from TSN Dermatology at Gleneagles Medical Centre, delved into the underlying causes and ways to manage eczema.

Ms Susanne Chuang, a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) physician from Pulse TCM, offered a refreshing perspective on the holistic management for eczema with Traditional Chinese medicine.

Not forgetting Mr. Shane Liaw, Senior Pharmacist from Guardian Beauty and Health, who touched on the role of community pharmacists and the product offerings to tackle eczema conditions available at the leading health and beauty chain in Singapore.

Ego Pharmaceuticals Singapore, the event sponsor, also invited influencers who shared their experiences with eczema. While these people struggle with the same condition, they face their own unique difficulties and challenges along the way.

How This Event Impacted the Community

QV Bare it All

“The intent of the event was to educate, inspire, and empower the eczema warriors, but the eczema warriors have also inspired us as they shared their stories, allowing us to witness their strength and resilience firsthand,” said Mr John Warmbrunn, International Group Manager of Ego Pharmaceuticals, which pledges to continue supporting the eczema community.

QV Bare it All

Eczema is not just skin-deep. People battling this condition often face significant mental stress due to societal misconceptions. Myths like eczema being caused by poor hygiene or being contagious lead to stigmatisation and social isolation.

Events like this educate and spread awareness about the condition, while also providing the community with a safe space to connect with fellow eczema warriors.