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We’ve all heard about the hype surrounding Rare Beauty liquid blushers. They’re creamy and pigmented, and give you the rosiest flush. It checks all the boxes for most of us… except there’s the exorbitant price.

Well, you’re in luck because we have a dupe for it that costs less than S$15 and is widely available in Singapore!

Enter the MUJI Lip and Cheek that has been appearing on our TikTok For You page. Despite its small packaging, the product lives up to its mighty name as a Rare Beauty dupe.


this muji blush lasted me the whole day even when i wore a mask the entire day out and sweated in my mask like girl this blush LASTS def worth the money #muji #mujimalaysia #mujiblush #mujihaul

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Muji lip and cheek

Credits: MUJI

MUJI Lip and Cheek is available in three versatile shades that will complement any skin tone.

The colour payoff is light at first, giving a sheer natural tint to the cheeks and lips that can be layered for a more vibrant look.

  • Pink beige: This is the perfect everyday shade as its muted pink pigment matches well with any eye makeup.
  • Coral: This coral shade brings out the warmth of summer and will look great with peachy makeup.
  • Rose: If you want a natural rosy glow for your #NoMakeupMakeupLook, this is the shade for you, and it will brighten your complexion.

Texture and finish

Muji lip cheek

Credits: @nebulaix/TikTok in pink beige, @michlovesfood in pink beige, @vanitysuitesg in coral

MUJI Lip and Cheek has a creamy, lightweight texture that blends seamlessly into your skin without any streaking.

If you’re a fan of the clean makeup look that has been trending on social media, this will provide that subtle flush on your lips and cheeks with a glowy finish that is not overpowering.


Although the product is applied thinly, the MUJI Lip and Cheek can stay on your skin for up to 12 hours, as user @vanitysuitesg demonstrated on TikTok.

@vanitysuitesg applied MUJI Lip and Cheek in pink beige in the morning, and despite a busy day out in Singapore’s hot and humid weather, the tint on her cheeks remained transfer-proof and visible when she returned home at 8pm!

Sounds too good to be true? Check out her TikTok below for evidence of the MUJI Lip and Cheek’s longevity!


This is YOUR SIGN to try muji’s makeup now!! #muji #mujiblusher #vanitysuitesg #fyp #beautytok

♬ original sound – Zara Mander

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly dupe for Rare Beauty’s liquid blushers that gives you a natural glowy flush, is buildable, and blends seamlessly into your skin for up to 12 hours, this MUJI Lip and Cheek is for you!

MUJI Lip and Cheek retails for S$13.90 and is available at all MUJI outlets and MUJI online shop.