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All those in favour of skin tints, say “aye”! If you’re not living under a rock, you must have seen or heard of these powerhouse hybrid beauty products…right?

The perfect lovechild of skincare and makeup, skin tints offer hydrating benefits and perfecting effects. Whether you’ve been spending your time watching “clean girl” beauty looks on TikTok or browsing the web to look for base alternatives, you can count on skin tints to enhance and revive your complexion.

It’s even sheerer than tinted moisturisers, which makes it the perfect tool for recreating liberating “no makeup” makeup looks that flood our social media pages from time to time.

It’s also easy to use, saves a few steps in your skincare routine, and some skin tints even have coveted ingredients that gradually improve your skin (not all of us have the time to wear a nourishing mask every night).

Why ditch foundations for skin tints?

why choose skin tints over foundations

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It really boils down to your beauty preferences and what feels and looks best on your skin. At times, full-coverage foundations and BB creams can give you the ick especially when it gets cakey or patchy in Singapore’s hot and humid climate.

Skin tints, however, are super lightweight, blendable, and don’t settle into pores or fine lines throughout the day. Although it’s not meant to cover up rosacea flares or cystic acne breakouts, skin tints give an effortless radiant glow while letting you feel like there’s nothing on your face.

These multitasking products are usually infused with SPF, a serum, or moisturiser that blends into the skin to give it care while colour-correcting your skin tone. It’s a fitting option for summer or when you want something lighter and dewier.

Nothing beats letting your natural skin shine through — after all, your skin should be the star of the show!

Rationale Beautiful Skin Superfluid SPF30

rationale skin tint beautiful skin superfluid spf30

Remember when everyone was mixing drops of serums into their foundation for a boost of glow and hydration? Well, this product does it all for you.

The name “beautiful skin” spells it all out. Rationale’s Beautiful Skin Superfluid SPF30 is a daily skin tint that addresses dull, uneven, dehydrated, and sensitive skin.

rationale skin tint beautiful skin superfluid spf30

This sophisticated product blurs imperfections, calms the appearance of redness, and delivers a skin-perfecting coverage. Lightweight and easy to wear, it leaves your skin with a natural and polished finish that boasts to be luminous.

Richard Parker, a Cosmetic Chemist and the founder of the Australian brand, shared that his purpose in creating this skin tint was to amplify the skin’s natural radiance while offering multi-faceted skin nourishment and environmental protection.

Why the Beautiful Skin Superfluid SPF30 is good for your skin

rationale skin tint beautiful skin superfluid spf30

Bottled in sleek and artistic black, this handy skin tint works to hydrate your skin, reduce redness, strengthen the skin barrier, and enhance your skin’s overall health.

Its lightweight formulation features groundbreaking Zinc Fusion Technology, which can be seen in Rationale’s #3 The Tinted Serum SPF50+.

By combining ingredients like zinc, melanin, and iron oxides, the skin tint reflects light and amplifies the natural luminosity within your skin while protecting it from solar and environmental damage.

Why invest in the Beautiful Skin Superfluid SPF30?


This @RATIONALE Beautiful Skin Superfluid SPF30 is IT! Not only does it have SPF30, it also provides coverage, is SO lightweight & feels like nothing is on my skin. Truly obsessed. #RATIONALEglow #PolishPerfectProtect AD

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If you’re a busy modern woman (aren’t we all?), this skin tint could literally change your life and skin because you’ll have the best of all worlds.

It ticks all the boxes of suitability, ease of use, time-saving, and results! Plus, it could be your dream solution to achieving luminous skin quickly and effortlessly.

And it’s skin-adapting, which means one of the six skin tints will surely be a match for your skin!

First impression and review of the RATIONALE Beautiful Skin Superfluid SPF 30

rationale beautiful skin superfluid spf30

I’m a huge packaging fan and I have to say that at first glance, this skin tint’s glossy and geometric bottle really got me excited to try the product! Plus, I really love the idea of skin-adapting beauty products.

Before meeting RATIONALE and learning about the brand, I tried a few tinted moisturisers or skin tints back in the days when I felt I needed to wear makeup (and before natural-looking glows were a trendy thing). Those that I’ve tried were either too creamy or got cakey within hours — I suspect it could be how the formula didn’t work well with my skincare routines.

I did a quick and easy quiz to find out which Melanotype I belong to (M2) and was told that I can choose to switch between M1 or M2 depending on the look I’m going for. M1 will look more luminous on my skin while M2 will give a natural glowy look.

rationale beautiful skin superfluid spf30

Using M2 here on the back of my hand.

With this skin tint, a little really goes a long way. One pea-sized drop could cover almost half of my face and I love how lightweight the formula is which makes for an incredibly seamless application!

The verdict? Definitely worth a try and the investment. I can’t remember the last time I felt such inner satisfaction just by looking at how my skin can glow. The Beautiful Skin Superfluid SPF 30 really brought out that incandescent glow that’s been hiding underneath my skin all this time.

In the picture above, I’m using M2 and it already looks sparkly like TikTok’s vampire skin trend. So just imagine what M1 could do for my skin!

I also like how the product works exceptionally well in our sunny and sometimes wet or scorching weather. Throughout the day, my skin felt nourished and like I barely had any products on, which is a major bonus for me because nowadays I don’t wear makeup at all and have grown accustomed to that lifestyle.

Rationale Beautiful Skin Superfluid SPF30 retails for S$121 at RATIONALE Tangs, RATIONALE Raffles City, and rationale.com.

To celebrate the launch of the skin tint, customers will receive a 2-piece Deluxe Sample Kit with the purchase of any Beautiful Skin Superfluid SPF30 at either of their stores.

Redeem a COMPLIMENTARY sample of the Beautiful Skin Superfluid SPF30!

Get your glow on

Feature image credit: @katherinsdenton/TikTok, @missmonolids/TikTok