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Raya is all about having a good time while also looking good from head to toe; this includes your nails too! And when it comes to Raya-inspired nail ideas, there’s no specific colour you have to stick to.

Whether you like a more understated look or something bold and attention-grabbing, there’s a nail style that will suit your mood and go perfectly with your Raya outfit.

Check out 15 of these Raya nails we’ve gathered just to help you look good this Hari Raya!

Shades of Green

Not sure what Raya outfit to pick but you know for sure the colour theme is going to be green? Well, we’ve got you covered with a stunning nail design.

This ombre masterpiece features various shades of green French tips, starting from a vibrant emerald green and smoothly transitioning to a lovely pastel shade. It’s a fantastic choice that will add a unique and charming touch to your Raya look.

Secret Garden

Credit: @thehotblend

We love how the floral designs add a pop of vibrancy to the neutral shade. This bordered nail look adds a subtle touch of colour to your manicure without overwhelming the entire nail. Simplicity at its best!

Blue Romance

Credit: @thehotblend

This stunning baby blue nail design is perfect for those with long nails. Whether you’re wearing a baby blue or navy blue outfit this Raya, this nail design will surely enhance your look with a pop of colour and contrast. The heart-shaped design adds a touch of elegance to the overall aesthetic.

For an extra touch of glamour, consider asking your manicurist to outline the heart shape with a shimmering silver shade to make your nails dazzle even more!

Custom Mix

Credit: @thehotblend

For this nail design you can choose any duo colours instead of this baby blue, but if you love the colour, you can still stick with it as it looks absolutely stunning, though it looks simple. The combination of two shades is what really makes this nail design shine.

Gilded Tips

Credit: @thehotblend

These French tips are anything but ordinary! With their unique wavy shape and sleek gold outline, they exude a fresh and modern vibe that gives a classic style a trendy makeover. Trust us, these nails are guaranteed to catch everyone’s attention during your Raya open house.

Micro Flowers

This adorable micro-floral manicure is the perfect way to welcome the upcoming sunny days. The vibrant mix of colours and intricate floral designs effortlessly bring a cheerful and playful vibe to your fingertips, adding a touch of joy to your overall look.

Latte Swirls

Credit: @thehotblend

This mesmerising pattern brings to mind a hot cup of latte with beautiful foam art, swirling with a blend of colours that resemble the mixture of milk and espresso.

What makes this design even more special is its flexibility, giving you the freedom to play around with various shade combinations while still keeping its captivating charm.

Sweet Pastels

Be prepared to catch everyone’s attention with this eye-catching swirl nail design that is elegant yet easy to achieve. It’s guaranteed to enhance any outfit you choose to wear during the festive Raya season.

If these shades aren’t your cup of tea, feel free to ask your manicurist to customise them to perfectly match your outfit, creating a seamless look.

Sunshine Blooms

Credit: @artdecom

Add some sunshine to your style with this blooming nail design! These soft yellow nails feature bright French tips on multiple fingers and a fun twist of a single simple French tip on another finger. They’re sure to grab attention.

The charming flower accents on top add a whimsical touch. It’s a great way to add a pop of colour to your look!

Floral Elegance

We have a bunch of designs that we absolutely love in this Raya nail collection, and this one is definitely a standout. At first, it may look simple, but the detailed flower design really makes the nail stand out. And let’s not forget about the matte topcoat, it adds a special touch to the whole look.

If you want, you can change the base colour to match your outfit, but we recommend going for softer shades to really let the floral design shine.

Accent of Hearts

The vibrant and cosy feel of this unique colour pairing, paired with the dainty heart decorations, brings a hint of sweetness and romance that’s ideal for any occasion, including Raya!

Pastel-hued French Tips

Having options like this makes the French manicure even more appealing! Why not try out pastel-hued French nails for your Raya celebrations? It’s a chic and classic choice that goes well with any outfit.

And if you’re not into pastel shades (although we really hope you are), don’t worry! You can still rock the look with subtle white tips for an equally stunning effect.

All You Need is Love

If you’re not into colourful nails, then you might want to give this all-white Raya-inspired nail idea a try. It has a lovely design with simple French tips, but instead of the usual nude base, it has a shimmer base.

The design is super cute and will go well with any Raya outfit you decide to wear. Since white goes with everything, it won’t clash with any colours.

Cherry Mocha

Elevate your look with this absolutely gorgeous cherry mocha nail.

The combination of a maroon-brown hue and a nude base embellished with sparkling stones creates a perfect harmony. This elegant nail design blends rich tones with a touch of shimmer, giving you a glamorous and luxurious finish.

Whether it’s for your Raya outfit or any upcoming special event, this nail style is sure to add a touch of sophistication to your overall look.

Cake Queen

Simple designs can make a big statement, like this nail art featuring colourful strokes on a nude or clear base. You can easily recreate this gorgeous look using halal nail polishes for a stylish Raya appearance.